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Feeling Hopeful

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Hello Everyone,

Im almost afraid to get my hopes up, but I called and left a Message at Animal Protection in Memphis (thanks to YaYas Mom). When I pressed the button in regard to spaying, the recording said they are a non profit organization that (considering your income) will spay domestics for $10 and there is NO fee for ferrals. I havent received a call back yet, but I will be persistant on this one even more as my husband has began talking about "rounding them all up and taking them to a shelter". Although Memphis is an hour away, I am so desperate that it would be well worth it to me to round them up, take the trek and get them all taken care of. Although my husband has an aversion to these cats, I think he would even help me do that at this point !

My old granny cat that was giving birth on the 7th, well she had SIX kittens !! Poor ole granny. Last night it dipped below freezing and I was so concerned about the new babies. I put heated blankets in their box and slid the box under our enclosed porch (where we usually fed them all)....put some rice socks in there, put a rocker chair over the top of the box and piled it will rugs. I did all I could and with prayer they made it through the night.

I know that I am going to have to find homes for those six and Im planning on doing it as soon as they are weaned BEFORE they have chance to become wild. I also have at least three of the 4 months old I need to find homes for also. I was playing with them yesterday and I do believe they can be domesticated. I think 3 of the 5 that were born are males (everyone chuckles at me here when they see me going around picking up cat's tails)

Ill keep you all posted on the outsome!
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Make sure that ALL the babies get speutered before you find them homes. If the animal control will do it for free (heck if they'll do it for $10 each I'll send them the money for the 6) They can do early spay/neuter at roughly 8 weeks/2lbs, so the babies can be weaned, speutered and adopted out. Good luck to you! what you are doing is an enormous help to the feral population and specifically these babies.
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Well I havent heard back from the Animal Protection yet today, although from my understanding its all volunteer and I believe they wont actually call me back, simply send me a form of some sort in the mail. So, Im waiting, although each day Im so afraid my husband is going to go behind my back and shelter them all. This past summer someone dropped off a female dog on our property. Naturally, I took to it, however the other family members were livid. I went to NC to visit my son and when I came home the dog was gone. I found out through the grapevine that a relative "took care of it" ...so you see what Im dealing with here.

I called a new Humane Society a little more local and the man there said that if I called him on Monday he may have a spot for 3 of my kittens. He said it would cost me $10 each to place them there and he is just about positively certain he will find a home for them. He said he doesnt have much problems with kittens. HOWEVER, my husband said there is no way on this earth is he going to pay someone to take them. Gosh, its so difficult living with someone so unsympathetic to the situation.
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It must be really tough when your own husband doesn't understand your love for these precious babies.This is sounding so very promising, thank you for keeping us updated!
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Men!! If it was up to me I would have lots more cats but he has his limits!!
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Thanks for your support ladies....Im sitting here now and thinking about the new little kittens that are outside in the cold tonight. I protected them as much as I could from the weather with blankets and with covering their box with rugs etc., and they do have their momma in their to keep them warm, but still wish I could just go outside and bring them in. The momma cat wouldnt tolerate being in the house though. She lets me pet her but she would go nuts in the house (not that my husband would even let her in here). The kittens cant be inside by themselves, right? Dont they have to nurse every so many hours?
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