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Originally Posted by jcat
I update mine every week, but I know people who do it daily.
My dad's trying to make me do it weekly but I forget. I've gotten really lazy when it comes to taking care of my computer... I finally updated EVERYTHING (Dell, Windows, Virus) and defragged my hard drive... twice. That only took forever. But I feel better now.
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My AVG antivirus updates automatically whenever I get online.. Doesn't get any better than that!! lol
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I have never had a virus on this site but my AV goes nuts everytime I log on....now I know why.
Originally Posted by Anne
BTW, anyone with a firewall of AV type of software that's set to detect cookies being placed, will see alerts when visiting TCS. We use cookies and so do the advertising networks. They are NOT viruses and do not hurt your computer in any way. And they will be set, regardless of whether or not you click an ad.
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I have antivirus, but I never use it and I don't have any fire walls. I only got a virus once, that was last year when the Sasser and Blaster worm was crawling through the internet. I fixed that problem, that was the only time I used my antivirus to locate the worm and then I got rid of it. I did not get it from TCS. I just know what NOT to click on or what NOT to download.
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No firewall? Do you use Windows, with its "built-in" firewall? There are several freeware firewalls offered that you could use, including Zonealert (sp?) and Outpost. I've had some problems with viruses just from clicking on links, and won't go online without a firewall and updated AV software.
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Zonealarm is a great free one. Wouldn't internet without it!
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Well, I never used to use a firewall, but I have since updated windowsXP with service pack2 and that has the built in firewall. I was going to disable it, but after last summer's worm, I decided to keep it running.
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Used to have Norton but it conflicted with AOL 9.0 and THEN they gave us Mc Affee, nad THEN they gave it to us free.

It scans each day at 8 am and updates at 10 pm each day and sometimes in between. It can be a bore as it slows things down but so far it has caught a couple of viruses and Norton did not catch any!
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If you're so concerned about pop-up ads, you can use Avant Browser (similar to Internet Explorer). It allows you to block ALL ads, pop-ups and set filters for younger children.
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