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Is this normal for a new neuter?

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Hi everyone,

I haven't been on this forum in awhile, but I'm concerned about my kitty. I'm going to call the vet today when they open, but I thought I'd get your opinions in the meantime.

I adopted a new kitty Tuesday. He's male, about 4 years old and he's a big guy. The shelter requires all their cats be spayed/neutuered so I picked him up from a vet on Tuesday evening. He was still woozy from the meds but alert on the car ride home... looking around at everything. I got him home and he stumbled out of the pet carrier like a drunken sailor and went directly under my bed, which I expected. He did eat a little bit of food Tuesday and used the litterbox. His urine had a very strong stench but I thought maybe the urine was concentrated from not eating or drinking before the surgery or something? Anyway, I stayed home from work yesterday to monitor him, and he didn't move on his own all day. It's like he couldn't keep his eyes open. All he did was sleep. He didn't eat or use the litterbox all day. It's now Thursday morning and he still hasn't eaten or used the litterbox since Tuesday night. That can't be good, can it? I called the vet that did the procedure yesterday and I felt they blew it off saying it was no big deal, he was probably just still groggy, but how can a cat not use the litterbox for more than 24 hours? I'm concerned. He's still under my bed and I can't get him to eat or use the box.

Is this normal behavior for a cat that's just been fixed? The lethargy, lack of appetite and lack of use of the litterbox concerns me. I've had two cats in the past, but both were already 'fixed' when I got them.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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I had two kitten neutered two weeks ago and they hardly paused for breath when they got home, it didn't slow them down a bit. But your guy's 4 years old, so perhaps it was a bit more of a shock to the system.

He's also had the double stress of a brand new home and being neutered on the same day so I'm not really surprised he's under the bed and off his food, the poor fella must be wondering what's coming next. I think I'd be concerned though if he hadn't had a pee since Tuesday and if he's still not showing any interest in food.

I'd call the vet again, even if it's just for reassurance. There have been people on this site whose kitties have had complications from neutering and although it's very rare, it's better to be safe them sorry. When my kittens were done, although they were lively at the time one of them had sickness and diahorrea two later. I popped him back to the vet and they gave him an antibiotic injection "just in case" although they said that the anaesthetic had probably just upset his system a bit. Do you have a scheduled post neuter check with your vet? I would ring anyway and if you're definitely not happy, insist on an appointment. If you have a good vet they are glad to see you to give reassurance -my kittens were discharged with a letter stating that someone was on the premises 24 hours a day and if there were any concerns at all to phone. If your vet is pooh-poohing your worries; find another.

Hope you new fella is feeling better and settled soon. He's obviously chosen a good home for himself.
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Kittens typically bounce back from neutering easier than adults, and some cats just don't handle anesthesia well. You don't want to second guess this - you are right to call the vet. Make them listen to you and if you don't feel comfortable with their answer, call the shelter and tell them what is up. They may have more information on this cat than the vet that performed the surgery, and may have contacts with other vets.

A lot of vets volunteer their services or provide greatly reduced rates to shelters. Once in a while they come across one that isn't up to par with others. The shelter should know if you are having problems with this vet.

Good luck! I hope your baby starts feeling better today!!
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For some animals (and people) the anesthesia lasts longer and hits harder than for others. I never go under without waking up and vomitting. Other people have no real problems except for grogginess, so it may just be that.
I would look into it further if I was worried though. When I took my two boys, Pippin and Merry, in for their kitten shots, Pippin was lethargic, feverish and shakey by the next day. It turns out he is allergic to vaccines and was in shock. He now needs a shot of cortizone and some antibiotics anytime he gets a vaccine.
My point is, is that you don't know what some of these reactions will be UNTIL they happen, especially since you have a new pet.
My experience has been that males getting neutered usually are feeling pretty good by two day after the surgery, although you may get some sour looks from them for a while after that.
Good luck and I hope your kitty pulls through just fine.

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Mine pretty much bounce off of walls after a neuter. The spays are another matter entirely. I would call your vet again. 24 hours is about normal for the males to not feel well, but it sounds like the cat is fighting something besides just the normal neuter-
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Thanks for the responses everyone.

My dude just went pee a few minutes ago.... his first time since Tuesday evening, but he peed! Yay! He still hasn't eaten though.

I'm leaving in a few minutes here to take him to my regular vet, so hopefully it won't be anything too serious... maybe it IS just taking him longer to get over the effects, but it has me worried.

Thanks again for your thoughts. As soon as he's done with this and feeling better, I'll take some nice pics of my new guy and post 'em.
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I am certain your vet will be able to ease your mind. It is good that you are going in.

You mentioned that his urine was strong smelling ... I just wanted to address that for a quick - he is 4 years old (been a sexually-mature intact male for at least 3 years or a little more) and just now being neutered. Intact males have a very stinky component to their urine which allows them to mark and attract females by spraying it all over everything. They will even pee and then roll in it - evidently, they think it is some form of cologne or something and girls will just flock to them. Give it about a month, maybe a little more and that odor should be lessened from his urine some. But for now, get used to changing his box frequently.

Thank you for taking this boy in - he needed you.

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My guy has an abrasion on his right eye. Vet said he might have given it to himself accidently as he was waking up and groggy after the surgery. She said it might be the reason why he is so out of it cuz she's had eye abrasions herself and she said it made her feel miserable. So I have an eye ointment for him now, and they also gave him a sub-q to hydrate him a bit. I'm hoping it'll help him feel better enough to eat something tonight. He's back under my bed, resting right now. I'm going to leave him alone for an hour or so to see if he'll come out while I'm out of the room and eat the food I've left. Vet said to give a call tomorrow to let her know if he's eaten or looking better after being hydrated and given the ointment. So hopefully this is it and he's on the road to recovery.

Thanks for the info on the urine... I've only had female kitties up until now, so I didn't know that about the males.

Again, thanks everyone for your thoughts!
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Well I am glad you have your answer. The fluids should perk him up and hopefully he will eat soon. Don't let to much time pass before you try him with food again. It is important that he eats.
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