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Overweight pets

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There's one thing that upsets and anoys me is seeing fat pets. (and children for that matter). I've always been overweight, and that's something I can (if I had the will power ) take in hand myself.

But animals (and children) rely on us to feed them, and it's up to us to do it right. I've never had an overwight pet. But Oz came to us a little tubby last July. He's not as excessive as some I've seen, he weighs 14lb, he's active and can reach to wash OK. When we first had him I tried to restrict the food he had available, but it made little difference.

But at least he's not getting any bigger, (a bit like me at the moment, lost some weight and stuck now, but not getting bigger again )

Does it upset you too when you see very fat animals? Or is it just me because of my own problems?
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I know what you mean. I volunteer with a rescue organization. One day at the adoption center, I couldn't believe my eyes...there was the fattest cat I'd ever seen. The poor thing came to the center weighing 30lbs!!! She couldn't even clean herself. She honestly looked like cat balloon. People would come in, laugh, and say how cute it was! Cute? Hardly. I'd call inappropriate care! She did start slimming down, and has since been adopted...hopefully to someone who will continue to help her get healthy.
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I don't enjoy seeing fat children. Not only it is unhealthy but I bet it's hard for them to mingle with other kids. I mean, they can't run as fast or squeeze into those small hiding places children are fond of.
As for pets, I am aware that it is unhealthy to be too overweight. But they're just so cute to look at.
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I was an overweight child and I got the s**t mocked out of me, I wish I could turn back time and stop eating those pies, mcdonalds, chocolate etc etc that caused it - but last year I was sick of getting mocked so I decided to try a healthy eating and excerside plan and I lost alot of weight and now I don't get mocked at all. I feel sorry for overweight kids because truly kids are so cruel.
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