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this is so ironic!

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Hi guys!!

Some of you may have read my story about my poor jazz. I would like to say thanks for all the kinds words and we are doing ok now.

Another story which is really strange. Back in April I moved and in the process I had to stay with my parents until my new house was ready for 2 weeks. My beauty kitty named oreo ran away from there after a week. I check the animal shelter all the time and last week after Jazz died I saw a cat there named Oreo and looked similar, it wasn't him I knew but SHE looked close enough for my kids to think it was him ; )

Anyways, we brought her home and she is wonderful......however, tonight I was out for dinner at my parents house and there dog went running into the shed. My dad laughed and said there has been a cat living in the shed for awhile now and he liked it because of the mice. I asked him what the cat looked like and he describe my oreo. I COULDN'T believe it. I didn't know my dad was losing him marbles until tonight. I was in ahhhhh, and he just looked at me like what are talking about oreo. I tried to call him but it has been quite a few months now, like 10 months to be exact....could it be him?? what do you guys think and do any of you have any ideas on how to catch him if he has gone wild at all?

please share any ideas with me and this crazy story lol
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OMG i hope it is oreo....that would be an incredible story if it was oreo.............and if its not well then maybe you will meet a new kitty friend
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Oh I hope it is Oreo, too! But if not looks like you have found a new kitty!
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Wow! Sure hope it's Oreo!
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I hope it's Oreo - but even it it's not, this sounds like it was meant to be. Sounds like you have some time in the shed due
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Dare to dream that it is him. Do you have any of his "old stuff"??? I would put some food in a dish maybe in a place you could observe him with spooking him. When I attracted Tommie (RIP 07/04) I put a dish of food outside service door in garage and observed from window in house. I slowly got him close enough to touch him and from that moment he became mine. I think he was missing the human touch. Has your Dad intereacted (like petting??) . I keep my fingers crossed for you.
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Any news on if this is Oreo?
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Oh I hope it's Oreo....any updates.
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