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Hissing Cat

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We have 2 cats that we got from the Human Society as kittens. Zipper & Tazz are now 3 years old. Tazz is the hisser. Over a year ago she became very aggressive and started after her sister, hissing and growling. We think that catnip triggered this response. No more catnip in our house! Tazz is on a very small dose of kitty prozac as advised by our vet. (We tried to take her off the medication and she hissed over 10 times a day!) She still gets upset very easily. If she is sitting on my husband's lap and he moves just a little she will start meowing like she's getting upset and then it might continue with a hiss. She likes her sister but if they are cleaning and things don't go her way she will meow & hiss. We tell her no (loudly) but I wanted to know if there are any other suggestions. Tazz can be so sweet and nice. Maybe she's just too spoiled! She is terrified when people come over and hides under our comforter. Zipper likes to be the center of attention when we have visitors.
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Hi Zippy and welcome!

This is very interesting about the kitty prozac. Is it actually prozac in a smaller dosage? If it is and it proves to be so helpful then I would think she really has some chemical imbalance. Prozac is not supposed to have a calming effect on anyone - it's supposed to help only those that have a serotonin imbalance.

Someone has just asked about using these kind of medications for her cat. I hope she sees this post.
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Rene just had a cat diagnosed with a sort of seizure disorder. Other cats and sometimes people would over stimulate him and he would go into a blind rage. He is now going on either an anti seizure medication or valume. Sometimes only medication can help these kinds of disorders.
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Thank you for your response. The medication Tazzy is taking is called clomipramine and the instructions indicated that it helps relieve stress. I searched the web for more information on this medication but couldn't find anything. Sounds like we need to consult with our vet again.
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