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What to do?

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My Siamese girl and my BiColor girl BOTH have a white on their pants. It looks to be a discharge from their urinary tract.

Now Kotton my Siamese girl did not feel good at Thanksgiving and next day I took her to the Vet. She had been leaking urine and had a white-yellow discharge from her urinary tract. They did not see anything in her urine and said she probably had a viral infection - she also had a 105 temp! Then they xrayed her and saw something wrong in her chest and said she had cancer.

I medicated her and gave her fluids for over a week and I took her back to them for an ultra sound guided biopsy to see where and what kind of cancer it was. I was ready to put her down so she would not suffer needlessly, when the Ultra sound NO cancer just a not so good xray machine AND she DID have pheumonia.

She has been sick 2x since then but no fever and she came out of it herself in 3 days (blood and urinalysis showed everything normal!!!!) NOW she is starting to act sick again (eyes half shut and just wanting to lie around and not go out to the back yard to check things out like she usually insists on doing.

I noticed today that she and my bicolor girl Missy BOTH have what appears to be a white discharge on their panties. Should I take them both back to the vet or what should I do? I have NO money and am very discouraged as Kotton was AT the vet a week ago with normal everything. BTW the Viral Infection Kotton was supposed to have at Thanksgiving turned out to be a bacterial infection. Could a UTI lead to pheumonia?

BTW BOTH girls are spayed!
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Wow! I have no good advice, just good wishes and hopes that they will be ok.

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a white discharge is usually indicative of an infection. Your cats need to see a vet so they can be put on the proper medication. Please call your vet and schedule an appointment.
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