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After shots

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My new cat just got two shots...dystemper and rabies. She seems lethargic and very avoidant. She's normally almost obnoxious for attention. Is this normal? How long will it last? Can I do anything for her? Thanks.
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Oh, she's two years, not a kitten.
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I always look forward to the day my cats get their shots because they're so good!

Seriously, mine always sleep and are quiet after their shots also. The next day, they will be back to normal. I think I heard somewhere it's the rabies that makes them sleep, but I'm not sure I have ever mentioned it to a vet.

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Usually all the trauma of leaving the house, new people, new smells and getting stuck with a needle will disrupt thier lives. She will probably be tired and cranky until tomorrow afternoon. If she starts to vomit, get her back to the vet.
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they all should be back to normal within 24hrs. if not I would run it by the VET. I consider my self very lucky since the shots do not have any side effect on my cats at all.
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I posted earlier with, "After shots" and my 2-year old cat Emma hasn't really improved since her dystemper and rabies. It's been over 24 hours and she's still just wanting to lay down. She is eating and using the bathroom but then lays down. She even slept with me last night and usually doesn't. She is not throwing up, thank goodness. I called the vet and they said that if continues through tomorrow, to bring her in during walk-in hours on Saturday. I wouldn't be so concerned if she was a reserved cat. She's a busy body with boundless energy since I got her last Saturday. I've never raised a cat on my own and the vet has me worried.
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some cats just need a little more time to recover and you did say you only got her last Saturday - lot's of changes for her. Just keep an eye on her and if you feel there is something wrong (listen to your guts) take her before Saturday. Otherwise I am sure she'll be fine.
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Emma is doing fine this morning. She's back to her old self, thank goodness.
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Yey!!! Glad to hear Emma is doing better!!
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