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My cat is no where to be found

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My cat has been missing for nearly 24 hours. I've looked over the neighborhood he is no where to be found. Problem is that I just moved here and not sure if he knows his way back home. He is a much older cat, at my old home he would come and go as he pleased, but he always came home for dinner. What should I do? I live where there are dozens of houses and I dont know anyone? How do I start to look for him. Ive called his name over and over hoping that he will hear me.....I didnt let him go out right away at first he stayed in the house for nearly a week and a half so that he could get used to the place. Then I thought well maybe going out side would be alright. He walked around a little and then he just dissappeared I called him all morning and evening.

help me please someone i need advice.
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Ike, I'll split your thread to its own thread so people will be sure to help you.
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Guide to finding a lost cat:


Also...copy this link below and paste in a new window...other suggestions:{4DBFAF9F-EA4B-4DF8-843C-86B48318E937}
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i'm so sorry, i hope that you find your kitty!
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Do you have a noisy toy to shake or a food container. Did you put food outside??
How far did you move from your old place-would be wind up going back there??
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Any update? I hope your kitty comes home soon!
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I lived in Maryland before I moved here to TN. I lived in Pasadena, Md for over 20 yrs and then moved out to Columbia, Md...about 30 minutes away. My cat was born and raised in Pasadena and was over 15 yrs old when we moved to Columbia. She never seemed to adjust. She had always been a house cat in Pasadena, going out in the back yard only when we were out there. It was awful when we moved. She would just call and call all the time. Finally one day, a friend of mine let her out and we didnt see her for months. We looked for her everywhere. We had moved to a trailer park. One day we were driving through the trailer park and saw her eating a Can of 9 Lives cat food at another trailer up the road from us. We picked her up and drove her back home. Boy was she spoiled. She only wanted canned 9 lives from then on out.

It wasnt too much after that however, when she ran away again. We never saw her after that. People would say that she was old and following instinct wondering off somewhere to die (she was about 18 then). We never knew where she went until we were in the process of selling our trailer and replacing some of our skirting around the trailer....there was a cat skeleton lying right under our trailer. Perhaps my friends were right.

I think my cat couldnt adjust because she lived so long in the other home AND because she was so old. I hope you find your kitty real soon. Perhaps he is out exploring his new surroundings. My ferrals always come when I put their food in a pan and rattle it around. Or better yet, try to lure him with some 9 Lives !! :-)
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Perhaps this website can help you

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ohno I hope he comes home!! our thoughts are with you

keep calling for him, knock on neighbours doors. I remember someone saying that often a lost cat is close to home so ask neighbours if you can look around their yards... look under everything.
put up posters around your neighbourhood, call all the vets to see if he has been brought in.

Is he microchipped? or have a collar?

GOOD LUCK!!! keep your chin up and a positive attitude
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I hope you find him soon, please keep us updated! Best luck to you and the kitty!!
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I hope he comes back home.
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Mega NYC, come home vibes! Good Luck!
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any sign of your cat?
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