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tomorrow is the day i hope!

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Okay so here goes,...oh and thanks to all of you who have wished me well...after a few days of calling around for traps (our local spca doesn't rent traps out) and ready to go and rent one, a lady at work came in today with one...well i have booked 2 vacation days for this attempt at catching the kitty under my deck. the vet knows and is ready for me tomorrow or friday, my extra room is all ready and luby is too!

kitty has been doing ok, i'm glad this is getting closer, it snowed today and i feel sorry for the little thing! it seems like a little stretch for the kitty to step on the spring on the floor, i guess i have to place the goodies at the very back? anyone with some good advice for me, feel free to advise! other than that hopefully all goes well tomorrow and i have myself a new addition! i'll let you know how it goes!
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Wishing you all the best!! I just had my 1st trap nite ... this past sun. nite & got 2 kittens!!!

My advice would be to put food, something yummy like tuna or salmon at the VERY BACK of the trap so the cat HAS TO step on the spring and the trap door will close.

Good Luck.. hope he get him/her on the 1st try!!!
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Good Luck!!!! I hope you catch your "new" kitty.
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What works for me is to cover the bottom of the trap with some folded up newspaper. That way, the cat does not step on the cage wire (which some don't like). Newspaper can be a problem if it's windy, as the paper rustling around may scare it off. If you cover with newspaper, then you put a small smear of food at the front, drag the spoon up the paper to the middle where you can leave another little dab of food. Hopefully by then the cat is interested enough that it goes for the larger glob of food at the very back of the trap. When it does, it should step on the trip plate and you have yourself a kitty Be ready with a towel or something similar to throw over the trap (this calms them down quite quickly).

Some others on TCS have had a lot of success putting the trap in place and then pouring kitty litter over the bottom of the trap. You can then put some soiled litter in there and the cat will go in to leave its own scent and end up setting off the trip plate.

Good luck with your trapping!
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