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Hi from Dayton, OH

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I just started visiting here this week when I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my boy Pippin. He's doing better now, and so am I, thanks in part to the folks in Health and Nutrition.
My name is Devlyn and I am the happy Mommy of 4 cats.
Pippin, born Nov. 29, 2002, is a beautiful silver tabby. He's a big, sweet cat who is recovering from an intestinal blockage he had last week. He likes hanging out on the top of doors (which he also jumps to the ground from), cuddling at night, being the head cat, climbing into my pants (while I'm wearing them) and candy (pounce treats).
His brother, Merry, was a wonderful brown tabby with white on his belly, legs and chin. Merry liked to snuggle with his mom, claw on my suede shoes, show off, and play with Pippin. He started getting chubby as a juvenile until he caught some sort of wasting disease. We were never able to diagnose it during those 8 months and he ironically passed away on Dec. 26, 2003 from something completely unrelated, ingesting thread. I'll see you at the bridge, Merry.
I was devastated, and so was Pippin. We looked for a new buddy for him and found two.
Simple (b. April 20, 2003) is a pretty black boy with nary an ounce of guile. I adopted him when he was almost a year old. He came with the name "Blacky" which I hated. I tried a few different names on him, but "Simple" is the name that stuck because he *is* simple. He likes to follow me around, purr, look very cute, sit in my lap and terrorize Arwen.
I adopted Morris at the same time as Simple. He's an older gentleman who is an orange tabby with splotches of white. Morris likes to chat, sit on the fridge, groom Simple and Pippin, and basically just take it easy. His front paws are tender and deformed from a declaw gone bad (before I got him) but he still manages to tear it up and play like a kitten with Simple and Pippin.
Arwen is a recent arrival. She showed up one day about 3 weeks ago outside my business, crying and skittish. I felt bad for her, and was worried she would get hit by a car, so I coaxed her into my building, fed and watered her, and posted a "Found" poster to try to find her family.
Well, noone called, even though she was obviously someone's pet. She's a pretty girl, resembling a British Shorthair. She's a gray tabby with white markings on her belly, legs and chin. I get her confused with Pippin sometimes because the gray is the same color as his. I got her tested for contagious diseases and vaccinated, then brought her home.
I'm still trying to find a new family for her, because she is very frightened of the other cats, especially Simple. She likes to have her belly rubbed, sleep on my bed, chase feather toys and for things to be quiet!!! She does NOT like Simple and thinks he's mean.
As for me, I'm Devlyn, a 29 y/o entrepreneur. I design and manufacture costuming and run my retail store. I enjoy coming home to my furkids, staying busy, cuddles with Pippin, and the internet.

Hope to meet lots of you.

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Hi and welcome to the site, I'm glad Pippen is doing better.
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Hi friend welcome to TCS!!!!!!
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Hi there!! Good to have you and your babies!!
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Hello and welcome!!!!

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Welcome to TCS, Dev, Pippin, Morris, & Arwen! And a big thank-you for the informative introduction letter! What a charming family you have, Dev! I was really touched at your astute observations of Arwen- it shows that you're really in tune with your furbabies!! By the way, Morris, on behalf of all respectful humans, I apologize for the horrible mutilation done to your poor paws! Whether it was done in ignorance or arrogance, it was wrong. Humans can be so cruel, whether to your kind or ours! But you're in a happy home now, right!? And maybe Arwen can find a wonderful forever home as a companion animal, perhaps to a disabled girl. Our Christy Ashley is my daughter Natalie's most faithful & loyal friend; she is a calico princess of the finest class! Looking forward to your next post, Susan (& Icy,JC,Joey&Cinders)
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Hello Devlyn, welcome to the site from a fellow Ohioan
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Aw! Thanks for all the lovely welcomes.
catsknowme: Morris does seem very happy and content here. I'm glad I was able to give him a nice home. As for Arwen, I'd love to see her be an only pet to a little girl, or possibly an elderly person. She's very growly and skittish when she sees the other cats, but when she feels a little comfy, she follows me around and likes to hang out. She definitely prefers women to men. lol maybe that's why she's not getting along with my boys. ;D

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Hi Devlyn and your beautiful furbabies welcome to all of you.
How is Dayton Ohio? that's where I was born
Right now I have 12 furbabies 4 witch are mine and 8 that I rescued and 1 basset hound her name is Zoie
My babies names are Mickey he is solid black, , Cammie is a grey tabby, Dunkin is an Orange tabby and Miniman is Black & white and I them all, so hi from them and myself.... halfpint
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Hi Dev, welcome to TCS!
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Hi, Devlyn, Sierra and I welcome you and your family to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better!I'm so happy Pippin is feeling better. This must have been so difficult for you, and I know you're so relieved! Simple sounds to be such a sweet baby! Poor Morris with his poor little paws. Shame on his previous owners for doing this to your precious little one. How wonderful he is now in your family where he can receive the love and care he deserves! Congratulations on your new addition! Sure hope Arwin finds a wonderful furever home or else becomes more comfortable as part of your family! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Welcome to the site Devlyn! Sounds like you have a wonderful fur-family, and a big heart to take them all in. Even if yours isn't the forever home for Arwen, you're certainly her angel to take her in.
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Welcome to you and your family. You will love this site - lots of wonderful people, lots of great advice for just about anything you could ask for.

Give your kitties a hug from us and of course one for yourself.
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Hi Amber!
Nice to meet ya!!

Originally Posted by AmberThe Bobcat
Hello Devlyn, welcome to the site from a fellow Ohioan
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I couldn't do anything *but* take her in. She's such a sweet little girl and he doesn't deserve to be abandoned.
I've grown pretty attached to her, so she might become a permanent family member if I can find some way to help her get along with the other kitties. I think she could have a lot of fun if she relaxed a bit.
I've heard a lot of people mention pheramone diffusers to help cats relax. Where would I find something like that?
Thanks again for all the welcomes.

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Your cats sound absouloutly gorgeous especially the one you rescued...bless here! I hope you find a really lovely home for her. My first cat was also like you described with her but she is now doing a lot better and likes her mommy (me) being around alot. We even got another kitten about a year later and at first she wasn't sure but now she loves it and enjoys the company.

Anyway I could talk about cats all day so I'll say good bye for now. but it was lovely to hear all about your cats and yourself and I hope to see you around the board again soon.

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