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Send vibes please!!!

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Sammy is acting strange....easily startled and scared. Not at all his usual personality. Last time he did this, he was 10 weeks old and had a fever/infection. So, we're going to an emergency appointment at the vet at 5:30. Please send those good vibes that the vet will be CHEAP (and, of course, that Ol' Sammy will be fine, which I'm sure he will, the costly little bugger)!!!
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Poor Sammy - I hope he's ok. Let's just hope he scented the first smells of spring and is feeling a bit lively!
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Sending good vibes your way!

Hope it's a false alarm.
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Prayers for Sammy (and your wallet). He's a blessed little kitty to have you paying attention!
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Sending good thoughts!!! and the money god.. ( just got hit with a 900.00 bill myself to get my guys healthy)..... Hope they patience
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Update - just got home from the vet. He doesn't have a fever, but his abdomen feels a little "doughy". The vet said she hates to waste my money on x-rays and bloodwork, so she said to keep a close eye on him. There's a vet on till 11pm and to call if there's any vomitting or diarrhea (which so far, there hasn't been.....in fact, he's downstairs eating some supper quite happily). I'm also supposed to call to update her tomorrow. She thinks he might have eaten something. Hopefully it was just some food he got into and not an elastic or something (which he could potentially find in one of my roommates very messy rooms, but Sammy has never been one for elastics and garbage etc....he's only even been interested in cat toys and food).
BTW Sammy's worst vet visit EVER!!!!
He always growls now at the vet, but this time did it so much she had trouble listening to his lungs. He hissed and made motions as though he was gonna bite (he wouldn't actually dare to, he knows he be in super big trouble and other than at the vet, he's always very tolerant, has never scratched (at least not on purpose) or bitten anyone). He threw a fit and rolled onto his back. He even hissed and took a swipe (didn't connect, of course) at a picture of a cat on the wall!!! Not a good sport at ALL. I'll keep you guys updated on his condition.
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Awww, I'm so sorry! I hope he gets to feeling better and tomorrow is a less stressful day for the both of you. Good Luck and keep us updated.
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Sending *Good Vibes* for feistY little Sammy. Hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow again
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Aw.. Sammy's a real cutey. I hope he feels better soon!

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