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fip...or not

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Hiya,in may last year i lost my faithfull cat 'pomey' at 16 years to a long running illness of hepatitus and old age.
A couple of months later a friends mum knocked at my door with a tiny bundle of fluff which had been kept in a bird cage for most of his short life.
He was approximatly 8 weeks old,and i couldnt refuse to take him in altho i was still upset about my 'pom'.
We took him to the vet and he had all his vaccinaitions.
A month or so later his eyes started oozing yellow pus,and after having antibiotics he was fine.
Then a few weeks later we rushed him back to the vets with an extremly high temperature.
After many test it was thought he may have been scratched or bitten,and so got an infection.
More antibiotics!
He continued to have high temperatures,so this led to more tests,with still no apparent cause.
Then in November we got the dreaded call that told us he had a high count for FIP.
He has gone for monthly checks and the only thing that is apparent is that his left eye has gone dark,and he has a slightly high temperature.
The vet retested his blood last week and said that one of his test results were still high as in FIP,but the others which should have been high,are low!!!
So he faxed his details of to a center,and they also couldnt understand it.
Now we are told that it may be a kind of flu virus,but not to build our hopes up,as he may still have FIP.
Its so hard to understand as my baby(scampi)is fine,apart from feeling quite warm sometimes,and we give him an anti infflamatory tablet,then he is fine.
So £600 later we are still wondering.
(we do have pet insurance,thank goodness)
I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this at all?
Thankyou for reading this.
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Wow! What a roller coaster!
I have never had a cat with FIP, so I don't know much about it.
I do hope your boy turns out to have something minor. Cats can be so odd when it comes to health matters. Sometimes, it seems like vets have to be part witchdoctor and part psychic to figure out what's wrong with them.

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