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Starting working when I was 14

1. KFC. Very fun when I was that age.
2. Stuffed Pizza
3. Round Table Pizza
4. A law firm where my mom worked. I helped to file.
5. United States Navy. I served onboard the USS Kitty Hawk for two years as an intelligence specialist. Very exciting, but out of 5500 people onboard there were only 200 girls!!!! Not fun!!
6. When I got out of the Navy, I worked for Cupertino Electric as an Admin in the field, then moved into the office as an electrical estimator and then as a project engineer. I now work for the same company, but in the accounting department. I think I'll stay here for awhile.....
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My first job was that of the hostess at Red know the one who called "Jones, party of 5 your table is ready." I hated that job. I was only there for a few months.

Then I got a sweet job when I was 17 working at a surf shop on the beach. (I grew up in Florida) Talk about a dream job for a teenage girl! Our shop was where ALL the cute boys stopped to get their surfing supplies before they went to the beach. I usually wore a bikini top, shorts, and flip-flops to work.

Once I graduated high school, I moved up here to Tennessee. I worked at Service Merchandise at the corporate headquarters. I started in micrographics which basically consisted of me throwing documents into a scanner and turning them into microfilm. I then moved to merchandising and soon became an assistant buyer in the floor care and personal care department. That was a lot of fun! The sales people would always bring me free samples of hair dryers and curling irons! I was there for 4 years.

After I got married, I decided to go into sales since I enjoyed the sales people I dealt with as an asst. buyer. I was in sales for 12 years.....first as a salesperson, then team leader, major acount rep, and then on to sales manager.

I always wanted to go to nursing school though, but my husband wouldn't let me while we were married. I made more money than he did and he said we couldn't do without my income. So after I divorced him, I went back to school fulltime. I quit my job and decided to devote all my energy to getting my degree. I put an ad in the newspaper and cleaned houses on the days I didn't go to school, just to have some money coming in to support my two daughters.

I've now been a registered nurse for about 3 years and I love it! I work on a medicine/oncology floor at a very large teaching hospital. We get the sickest of the sick in the region. People are flown into our hospital from all over. I'm planning to transfer to the cardiac ICU in the next few weeks to gain more experience.
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In college I was a forms programmer, math and computer lab assistant, TA, with a brief foray into grocery checker person and book store clerk... ah the days of working 3 jobs and taking classes full time. Gotta love them!

Last year the big nasty company I worked for outsourced my job! The bad part was, they also outsourced ME. I was suddenly supposed to be working for this company based in Bangelore. I thought about 10 minutes, then said "I don't think so", took my severance and started at a much smaller local firm.

Right now i'm a software consultant and the project I helped put together the bid for got approved Its good to know what one will be working on the next 90 days.
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Originally Posted by KittyKook
My first job was that of the hostess at Red know the one who called "Jones, party of 5 your table is ready." I hated that job. I was only there for a few months.

HA! LIke Robin, my very frist job (I lied and said I was 16) was a Hostess at the Chesapeake Bay Seafood House in Maryland, where I grew up. I lasted for 5 month and got fired for giving tablescrap food to a homeles woman who came in from the cold and asked only for a muffin. BOY THAT MADE AN IMPRESSION ON ME WITH COLDHEARTED MANAGEMENT!

Fast forward: one of the jobs I had as an adult which I truly loved, was teaching English and History every Friday night to the Lifers (life w/o parole inmates) at our state maximum security prison.
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My very first job was scooping ice cream at a fast fried food joint on a lake. Then I went to a grocery store and was a cashier... then went to work in the bakery doing doughnuts and eventually decorating cakes. I am now a nurse. I first worked in rehab then the nursing home. I currently have a resume in at the on post hospial. So I'm a stay at home wife until that comes through.
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From about age 21 till 30, I was a female Automotive Refinishing Technician! (I painted cars)
I was into cars since I was a little tomboy, & just wanted to learn how to do custom work, & ended up more in the production mode, making a living. I worked at a few dealerships in the area, & an independent shop or two, & made pretty good money. We worked on commission, getting paid for each car we did, & alot of the guys made more "hours" than I did, but I didn't like to rush the cars out, took a little more time at it, & rarely had any comebacks. The manager would send the picky customers cars to me, he knew I would do a good job. I got out of it because I moved to California & couldn't afford to buy sprayguns that would comply with air quality standards, & just never got back into it when I came back to Florida. It was a grind, one car after another, & is bad for your health, unless you want to wear a spacesuit in 98 degree heat & 98% humidity! I still miss it, sometimes I feel like it is the only trade I know, that I am really good at, it gave me an identity like nothing else ever did.
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My first job was a sales girl at a funky clothing store when I was 16. I hated the job but loved the clothes! Then I was a personalization artist for a gift shop. I hated my boss! She was so ugly to me. That lasted 3 months. When I left there I felt like a free woman. Then I worked as a sales girl in a interior decorating store and I stayed there for a couple of years. I loved the people there and they were so good about working around my school hours. Then I went off to college where I became a full time student for a few years, graduated and got married. I looked for a job for nearly a year and even worked as a temp in a mortgage company. That was a nightmare. I worked there for a month with the most catty women you have ever met, it was awful. Then I got my first real job as a graphic designer for a print company. It's wonderful! I love, love, love my co-workers. They are like my 2nd family. Later on this year I'm hoping to start work as a full-time mom. We'll see!
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I can honestly say, I've NEVER had a bad job! I baby sat until I was 18. While in nursing school I was a nursing assistant and then I became a nurse. As far as nursing goes well there is a lot of "crap" in that job, if you get my drift, but even that does not bother me. I can deal with any type of bodily fluid, no problem. One of the oddest thing I've done in nursing was "leech therapy" yeah, you read that right. Leeches are still used, to improve blood circulation after extensive plastic surgery. The patients I had that we used the leeches on had surgery to remove deep skin cancers, the leeches helped the new skin flaps heal. I'd be the first to volunteer in leech cases, most of the nurses at first where too squeemish...I thought it was cool!
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Lets see I started working at 13 First Job was at Burger King, moved on to work for Osco Drug, then Caldors. Worked as a bank clerk out of highschool for a year. Then went to work for a law firm, which was pretty interesting. Then went to work for the City at the Police Department, (where I met my husband). Then after that was a Mom, took some time off. Worked for a Dental Insurance Company for awhile and Now am an Administrative Assistant for a Physical Therapy Practice. So you could say I have done a little of this and a little of that.
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Well this is a fun reply to think about as I havn't thought of this in years. My worst job was working for a slimy Vet, I am sure yo uhave all met of those. I worked at the kennles and my training week I looked after this pot-belly pig named jethrow. The family moved and left him behind and he was sweet. My first day alone, the vet came in first thing and I heard this squealing, it was awful....he was putting jethrow to sleep and didn't tell me. It took him a half an hour to die and then he left him there all day untill he was done at the clinic. It was so sad. Needless to day I didn't work for him long and had a party when his practice closed.

My favorite job was working at the landfil lol. Yes the city dump. I got to run big machines and find neat stuff and resue lots and lots of kitties.....yes so many cruel people would drop their unwanted pets at the dump.
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Mowing Grass
Washing Dirt (USDA internet studying soil aggregates - I like Washing Dirt better)
Take our fast food place
Sales clerk at Sears during christmas holiday (ack I still don't like shopping during that season!)
Vaccuum Cleaner Salesperson.... Yeah, it didn't work out. Still remember the name: Tri-Star
Vet Tech - for the meanest vet in Chevy Chase MD. Still take all my vets with grain of salt because of him.
--- After College ---
Computer Programmer
Database/Unix Administrator
Manager Information Technology
Cheif cook and bottle washer.... oh wait, that is the same as the manger thingy.
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Originally Posted by katl8e
During my 12 years in Tombstone, I was a historical reenactor.
I've seen the street shows many times - what years were you there and where did you do your reenactments? Believe it or not, most of the artwork in my hosue was purchased in Tombstone!!

I have a weird one: most kids had paper routes. I had an egg route. Sold cartons of eggs door to door when I was about 8. Dad believed in putting us to work early to learn the value of earning money. I was required to open a savings account and put 1/2 of my earnings away each week.

Worked at a bakery at 16, then cutting fabric for a department store for a few years, then moved into Information Technology, where I've been stuck for the last 25+ years. I'm as burned out as can be and am searching for that home based business to carry me over until retirement.
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Now, mind you, some of these jobs overlapped...I had as many as 3 at a time

-I started babysitting when I was 12, did that for many years
-Waitressed drinks at a bowling alley at 17 (yup...underaged!)
-Worked at a canning factory. Whoo, that is, hands down, the worst job I ever had...8-16 hour night shifts 6-7days/week. You haven't had a sucky job until you've been on your feet all night picking twigs, stones, and dead mice out of green beans going by on a conveyer belt! Did that for two summers
-Worked at a Six Flags theme park. I worked at the little stands (soda, nachos, etc.), cashiering at first, sometimes got stuck in a room making cotton candy...a surprisingly close second to the worst job (behind the mouse carcass patrol mentioned above), then "lead", which basically meant keeping the stands stocked, and hauling 300lbs of ice around the park. And, no, it's not funny if you jump on the cart as I'm pulling it! 2 summers.
-Worked at Cedar Point amusement park at a taffy/ice cream, etc. stand. Cashiered, pulled taffy, made cotton candy (again!), funnel cakes, etc. 1 summer
-Various jobs while going to college: day care center (loved it), office scut work, kitchen prep, cafeteria serving, movie projectionist, and probably other jobs I've forgotten!
-Neonatal ICU nurse (sick babies)
-I worked at an infertility practice, I did office work there, but also got to do cool stuff like some of the artificial was so great when one of my patients got pregnant!
-Now a labor and delivery nurse
-I am also a freelance photographer...B/W portraits, hand coloring, theater promotion stuff.

Good Lord! When you put it all together like that, it's amazing! I've never really thought about it!

Good thread, it's really interesting to see the various jobs people have had!
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Lucky to report I've never really had a job I haven't thoroughly enjoyed - except for working at Flight Centre. That was a complete nightmare and I still have bad dreams about it years after I quit. Horrible horrible job. Great company - don't get me wrong - one of the most rewarding companies to work for and they treat you really well. But I was stuck in a small shop 2000 hours a week with three bitches who were NOT helpful but just ganged up on me all the time (something I am not used to) and the pressure was just unbelievable. Before I started I heard that working as a travel consultant was at least as stressful as being a doctor. I used to scoff at that until I worked in both travel and medicine. It's true!!!! Ugggggh.

The best job I've had is of course the one I have now in the hospital, but that's only because I'm studying medicine and it's my career. But before that I worked as a commercial/promo producer in commercial radio. I am a sound engineer so I got to spend my whole day mucking about with music, sound effects, voice etc. It was very creative and there's big perks in radio. I LOVED that job but in the end I had to follow my heart, which was medicine.

I'm also a qualified beauty therapist and makeup artist and I have a business on the side called `Just Gorgeous' where I do wedding packages of hair, makeup and nails. It's fantastic and a great money-spinner when studying!
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I've only really had a few small jobs, first was working at our Butcher shop, the next was working at our Pizza shop(that was fun) and now I'm a part time cattery hand.
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I babysat until I turned 16 at which time I began working at Winn Dixie, a grocery store, as a cashier as well as Western Sizzlin, a steak house, as the girl who made the salads, the drinks, and kept the salad bar stocked. At 17, I began working as hostess at Applebees, a bar and grill, until I began serving upon turning 18. I had lots of fun there. Served at a couple more bar and grills in my early 20's until I began working at a Childcare center and then as a Nurse's Assistant until I graduated from Nursing School. Worked in Labor/Deliver at a hospital until I realized nomatter how much I enjoyed L&D, I adamently detested working at a hospital. I have been a Private Duty Pediatric Nurse ever since.
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This is my one and only job which is a receptionist for a sign company.

I've been here now for nearly 30 years and still love it!
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My first job, at 13 was cleaning shrimp at a seafood and chicken restaraunt. YUCK! I had several fast food jobs, then I was assistant to the aerobics teacher and beginner ballet teacher and assistant gymnastics coach to 3-10 year olds in an after school program at the YWCA. After high school, I went to school to be an EMT, and did that for awhile. I hated it! It didn't take long to burn out on that one.
Then I was a bartender for several years. I had a really fun job as a dancer in a costume ballroom in New Orleans. We would have theme nights, dress in the clothes from whatever the theme for the night, (Civil War, Wild West, Roaring Twenties, Big Band) and dance with the custoners. Then it was retail jobs for many years, mostly in craft stores, cashier, stocker, custom framer.
Then I apprenticed for a year to be a body piercer, and worked at that for a few years. It made me realize that was the worst job ever, and after 27 years out of high school, I went back to school to be a Massage Therapist. Yesterday, I landed the best job in town, at a beautiful day spa. I start today, working on the owner. I am so excited!
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My first job was in college. I worked for the football team, giving campus tours to prospective recruits and their parents. Secondly, I worked at Texas Steakhouse as a server. Then I worked as a bartender at a bar/grill for 5 years. After that, I worked for Enterprise Rent-a-Car as the manager of a rental branch. And now, I am once again bartending. I hope to open my own place in some resort area in the future.
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Everyone has some really interesting and varied backgrounds in their past, so I'm compelled to reply to this too, though I haven't had a lot of different jobs, except within the same company. Other than starting off delivering flyers and moving on to paper boy (the big money ) I also worked in fast food for about a year. Then I worked at a natural gas compressor station that started out as a summer job and lead to more, doing things such as painting, weeding, spreading crushed rock in the yard, occasionally helping the permanent employees, (me being the grunt or the gopher of course), or mopping up hot oil from under the noisy jet engines and mess of pipes.

After a few years or so of that, an opportunity arose for me to join the pipeline construction side, which was totally different. I would be working on the road a lot and be trained on the job to be a construction inspector. It was a good career, but stressful working with greedy contractors who were always trying to cut corners at the expense of the men who worked for them and of course the natural gas company as well. I think I learned a lot working with people usually much older than me who often didn't give a damn about some young inspector.

Construction wasn't on all the time. I also worked in other related departments where lines got dug up for coating/corossion assessments or pipe integrity tests. I also worked in the corrosion department taking soil readings along the lines. That meant a lot of crazy days with blackflies and wood ticks when working in the woods and rock because construction only took place in those areas in winter time and we only had to put up with the cold, which was quite bad itself really. -40 almost every day one winter not including windchill.

It brings back a lot of memories just typing about it. I saw things such as 500 hole blasts with loads of dynamite, or a single hand restoring the land one piece at a time. I saw armies of backhoes, sidebooms, dozers and the rare hydroax making all kinds of noise, or the quietest moments at the break of dawn, where you could barely stand to kick the dust off the ground. I saw beautiful blue flowing fields of flax and golden fields of wheat outstretched all around me with no end in sight, or the claustrophobic thick of the woods and rock. I met multi-millionares who wouldn't give you so much as a smile, poor men who would give you the world and vise versa. *Sigh... I really miss it sometimes. I could go on and on, but hopefully I can go on and on in the video game industry instead. I belong somewhere in there.
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