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Just curious about the types of jobs you have all had?

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I was reading Ashley and her complaint about getting a job she didn't particularly like. I got to thinking of some of the earlier jobs I held down, that I didn't like either. I worked at a gun sight manufacturing plant, painting the flourescent scope leads. I also had to bike to one job I had, working for a catering truck company. I had to get up at 4:00 a.m. and hop on my bike, ride 5 blocks so I would be there by 5:00 to check out all the food for the truck drivers. I worked at Fotomat and McDonald's as well when I was in high school. Oh and I also temped at a fish factory packing salmon in Alaska! Pheww! My kitties loved for mom to come home so they could smell her wonderful odor~

Just curious about what other work histories are here on the board among members. Care to share any memories of bad jobs or at least grueling ones?
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Well for me, my first job was as a sales clerk in a womans clothing store. Then I worked in a Hallmark shop. Got married and was a house wife for almost 5 years. After that, was a cashier in an Oldsmobile dealership; then a bookkeeper for a chain of gas stations/convenience stores. Now am an administrative assistant (head slave) for a paint company based here in Cleveland........ Nothing much too exciting!
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Oooh you've had some fun ones! I worked at Chick-Fil-A in high school and also a local diner-type place... where they dropped toast on the floor, put it back on the plate and served it to the customer. Ew.

I also had a great temp job for 4 days where I answered the phone maybe once an hour (so I sat there and read the rest of the time) and got paid really well.

Other than that and babysitting jobs, I've had TV jobs since then.
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I'm probably the most boring one here, 'cause I've been working at the same place since I was about 13! Mom and dad started me out cleaning shoes when I was 13, and have just worked my way up from there!
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waitress/bartender for 19 years - SO glad that's over.

construction for a couple of years - kinda fun

project manager for construction company for 3 years - VERY stressful. I couldn't count on the subs to do what they said. I started having panic attacks.

office manager for a mitigation company - current (almost 5 years)

(editing) I forgot a couple. I worked at Youth Services for a short time and a sewing machine factory for 2 weeks. I couldn't stand it and went back to Youth Services.

I've never been without a job for over a week, even when I moved cross country.
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I had a paper route when I was a teenager (very unusual for girls to have paper routes in those days, and even more unusual for a high school student, but we made good money at that). I was a banquet hall waitress, and waited tables at that restaurant in the summer. I was a grocery store cashier all the way through college. I worked at a garden centre, selling bedding plants. Those were all pretty mind numbing jobs, but I did them, and got paid, and didn't complain. And I did like the people I worked with, for the most part.

I have also taught for a few years, I was a research assistant on a coastal geomorphology project, which required us to camp out on a beach for an entire summer, and eat lots of fresh clams and lobster and other seafood. And I have worked retail for many many years now.
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During high school, I worked at a veterinarian's as a kennel aide. During college, I worked as a biological tech at the USDA during the summers. After graduation I worked at The Body Shop and a music store before going off to grad school. I guess most of my jobs were science and research oriented.
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My first job, at 13, was cleaning new construction. My job was to scrape paint spots off of the bathroom and kitchen fixtures and clean said fixtures.

At 16, I worked the fryer at Jack-in-the-Box. Then, it was on to nurse's aide, cocktail waitress, bartender, street-corner flower seller, medical assistant and phlebotomist.

During my 12 years in Tombstone, I was a historical reenactor. In Laughlin, I worked as a restaurant host/cashier and in soft count. Back in Tucson, I spent 1 1/2 years, as a Walgreen's cashier and now I work soft collections and customer service, at a call center.
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My first job was at a (I was 12 or 13, isn't it great to work for family? )Playspace/Daycare type thing. It was alright, but it was the best preventative against becoming a young mother, I'll tell you.
Then I worked at "All wound up" a toy store where everything with batteries was sold, lol. It was AWFUL! Everything squeaked, beeped, barked, or wriggled. And we had to do perpetual battery changes.
After that I worked at Hudson Belk for a year, and it was nice. The people there were decent, and we got commision (Well I never did.. I don't like forcing things on people.)
After that I worked at pretzel Twister, a local soft pretzels from scratch place. The owners were really nice, and I worked there for almost 2 years. However, I had to quit because twisting the pretzels was aggravating Carpal Tunnel issues, and I was going deaf from the kettle mixer. I was sad to leave.
After that I worked at the community college bookstore for almost 2 years. I miss that place. I loved it, I was pretty much my own boss, and the people respected me for what I knew and would do. I made a lot of good friends that I still talk to. If I could I'd still work there during book rush week.
I then took an intern job (for free) at an ad agency, and after that took a job here at Ralt And Partners that I've had since Oct. 2003 (So a year and a half)

I worked at all these jobs WHile I went to school, until I graduated, and now Work a 40 work week.
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I have been at my current job for almost 12 years now. I work at a plating shop doing purchasing, accounts payable, and message board surfing.
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I started sweeping floors in the family bike store.

I also cleaned stalls at a local stable. I didn't get to interact with any of the horses. The handler removed the horse so I could muck the stall.

I worked at a fast food restaurant where I learned to always count the cash the manager was taking out of my drawer. He accused me of stealing $100.00. Shortly after I was fired, he was arrested for embezelment from the store.

I did a few years as the receptionist at the local rectory.

I worked many years in retail, both full time and part time.

About 25 yrs ago (yes I know, I'm aging myself) I started working for the bank. I started as a teller, moved around the office doing all kinds of jobs. My last job in a branch was Assistant Manager. Then I went into the corporate headquarters where I've balanced General Ledgers, taught tellers, worked Returned checks, worked with leins and levies, worked counterfeits, frauds and forgeries, and now I'm in Retail Credit as an underwriter.
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my first job was working at the University of Oklahoma stadium/arena... i worked there for 5 years, that is the best job i had ever had, i loved it... i worked every Sooner football/basketball/wrestling game + concerts it was really great cuz the entire job, you were working 'backstage' behind the scenes, so we had the hook up with everything on that college campus
i also worked at Sonic(hated it), i worked at Braums(my husband, then boyfriend got me that job) good times
i also worked at a tanning salon(my husband actually got me that job too) he went with me to tan and while i was in the booth tanning he talked the manager into letting me have a job... so right out of high school i was working 3 jobs...loved every minutes of it
then when he got sent to sheppard afb, i started volunteering at HealthSouth rehabilitation hospital working at a nursing station and back in physical therapy
now i am just going to school
hopefully here soon i can add Air Force to this list
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I've had quite a few different jobs, but most of them were short lived summer ones.
My first job was being a camp counsellor, which I hated with my whole being.
Then it was on to being a pool and spa saleswoman.
And then 2 summers at the Mental Health Centre as a recreationist assistant.
2 Summers ago I was a waitress part time and the other part of my time was spent rolling screens and packing them at a mini community based plant for the mentally ill.
When I graduated I became a recreationist at the Mental Health Centre in a different division. Since September I've been unemployed and am looking for a place to go and a dream to follow.
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Accountand, &
Accountand.... Soooo exciting isn´t?....
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Well when I was like 9 or 10 my sister and I worked in neighbor's strawberry patch (many, many acres) cutting the berries and flowers off of newly planted plants. Worked out way up to weeding, picking berries for local grocery store and people who would call in orders, in high school assigned people rows to pick, weigh berries and help out to car. To this day I really do not like strawberries. High school senior worked as a maid for the summer at Holiday Inn-the stories I call tell!!. During summers/holidays in college I worked at the local Chevy dealership doing everything from receptionist to billing out car deals, parts dept, service dept. After college I worked at a health club as a nutritionist & fitness instructor. After that take and bake pizza place for 6 weeks. A real job for 3 yrs as a nutrition aide for the W.I.C. program.
Then temp work until 1985 when I started working at an automotive finance company doing a variety of positions until September 30th when my office closes due to merging with another office located 90 miles away.
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Let's see. In high school and college I worked retail (video store) in the mall. I know way more about movies, laser disc, VHS, and DVD than is healthy.

After that I worked as a manager of a non-profit that provided business attire to people coming off of welfare, out of domestic violence, etc. Similar to Dress For Success if you're familiar with them.

I worked as a patient care rep at an oncology center. Very intense; both sad and happy.

I temped for a short time at an independent recording label and at a company that did drug screens for job applicants.

Currently I'm working in HR. I had no previous experience but boy have I learned a lot!
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ive worked twice at the same restaurant and i guarantee you they wont ask me to work there every again
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When I was at school I did a part-time job in a shoe store - it was ok.

Then after I left school I did a couple of clerical jobs one in real estate (estate agency here) and the other working in admin in a local factory. The first job I had was only temporary working for a large multinational energy company - I loved it and was given quite a bit of responsibility in the few weeks I was there but there was no permanent job at the end of it. I met my future hubby there .

After I left work to have my daughter, I vowed I would only go back to work if it was a job I really liked, where I felt valued (I'd had some bad experiences in the clerical jobs). So when my daughter was 2, I worked for our local college running the student shop and doing the admin for the local community association. In the mornings, before my job began I took a course that would help me gain entry to University. The college were fantastic and gave me free creche facilities for my daughter.

I studied Law at University, then qualified as a practising lawyer. Soon after I qualified, my old University asked me back to teach. I'd done some teaching during the final year of my degree and loved it. I've been teaching for 9 years now and LOVE it!!! I love seeing the young fresh 18 year olds come into University and watch how they blossom over the three years. It's great to be a part of that.
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I'm originally from the Daytona Beach area, so when I was in high school I worked at a local business right on the beach called Bikini Co. I was there for about 4 years. That was a truly GREAT job. Worked without about 7 other girls, all my age, and we all just goofed around, tried on bathing suits, and pretended to work hard when our bosses were there. Great job for a high school kid

I've been an Aerobics Instructor at the University of Central Florida where I go to school for the past year and a half now. I teach strengthening classes (they're called Hardbodies and Body Pump) three times a week. It's a fun job and again, I work with all people my age. My boss (the Group Ex. Coordinator) is actually someone I went to middle school with and was on the dance team with in high school.

Those are some of the jobs I've had other than the typical babysitting jobs as a teenager and also I'll ocassionally work at my dad's store over Christmas Breaks.
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Delivered Pennysaver "newspapers", that really sucked and the pay sucked.

Collected Bottles around my neighboorhood after the bottle law went into effect, gave people 3 cents, kept 2 cents per bottle. That sucked, but as a youngster it was enough money to feel like it mattered.

Did landscaping part time, did not get paid for travel time but usually wound up with a free lunch and drinks.

Worked at Denny's as a "Service Assistant", that means I washed dishes, cleaned the restraunt and bused tables.

At some point I also worked at Uno's as a dishwasher and also a "Prep Cook".. that was fun, the roasted chicken I had to cut up was extreamly tastey. Washing the pans really sucked though, big time because they would have trashcans full of them and then bitch when I had to stay later when they wanted to close up.

Temped a couple places, one was Kodak as a "Text processor" (I think), basically I had to type up things people wrote by hand.. which really sucks when you can't read their messy handwriting. That only lasted four days.. apparently the stupid boss thought I had some kinda freaking "attitude problem", what a witch..I loved my job cause it was computer based.

Cashier at a Mobil Mini-Mart, I actually enjoyed that also because people were always interesting and usually friendly and there was a feeling of providing a useful service that was appreciated. Also made out well on promotional items from the cig. companies.

Moved upto Asst. Manager at the Mobil Mini-Mart, but eventually gave that and the job up as I found that to be stressful. I did not like having to mess with other peoples cash sheets for their shifts and figure out their mistakes not to mention do their jobs if they did not do them. One day I just decided I couldn't take it, had enough and called my boss and told him so and I was quitting. He kinda flipped, told me I couldn't leave till he came and counted all the money in the safe.. as if!! That was insulting as hell, when you snap you don't wanna wait for some guy to come count money locked in a safe, geez. I guess I don't really blame him though sorta, he had some problems in the past and people had been arrested.

Since then I have spent my time volunteering for things like the free Mud Master 2000 MUD client as a webmaster, beta tester and program support. I have also done ingame support for one of the big MMORPG 3D games thats out which got me free gameplay for a year while doing the support then free play for life of the game after that year. But that is not really a "job" according to them, sure feels like one with all the training and time involved.

Other then that I volunteer my graphics and design skills for various things, sometimes game based signatures or more recently pet based signatures.

Since there are not many work at home computer related jobs just floating around, at least not that I come across that are legit, I have nothing but time on my hands at the moment and I figure I might as well volunteer with what I can do and stay busy and help other people.

Some day I will just get rich some how and not have to worry about money anymore... *wakes up*..oh what a nice dream I was having.
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Well my history is by far the most boring. I have always had an 8 to 5 desk job in some area of Sales. I most likely won't ever try anything different because I really like what I do!

My teenage jobs included working at fast food places (whose didn't?) and a daycare center. The daycare center made me realize just how much I wanted kids and just how much I really did NOT want kids. If that makes sense.

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Originally Posted by fwan
ive worked twice at the same restaurant and i guarantee you they wont ask me to work there every again
You crack me up!
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In high school I worked in fast food for a very short time. Then went to retail. I must be crazy, I stayed at KMart for 10 years, the longest I have stayed at any job. Then I moved on to work at a couple of banks, hated it - I am not a salesman(woman) which is what they seem to want a teller to be. Then I did accounts payable at a prosthetic/orthotic office. Currently I am an independent abstractor, hope to be able to stick with this the rest of my life. I am self employed, I do title searches on properties. I work a couple of hours a day and make way more than I ever could working 40 hrs. a week in an office. I am SPOILED.
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I have worked at a greenhouse watering trees all day Helllloooo sunburn!
At a luggage store, answering the phone for the cable company...
For almost a year I was Manager at Ruckers (kids fun center place) which for a while made me swear off having kids forever!
After that I had the best job ever! I was a kennel assistant at one of the vet clinics for almost a year until my car accident and I couldn't do the work anymore
Then I worked in the post office, and now I am a cashier and can't see that lasting very much longer!
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I was spoiled. My first job was a summer job was when I was in college, I worked at Burger King. They never did train me on the grille, even though everyone was supposed to be trained there, but sent me straight to taking orders. It was actually a lot of fun with the people I worked with.

Then I worked at a book bindery, making covers for rebound books. Worked there because my best friend in college was working there. That was actually a lot of fun too.

Then I worked a summer at a Christian publisher, coalating boxes of toys basically. They had kits they sold for Sunday Schools and Summer Bible Schools that had all kinds of toys and interactive activites, and we put the kits together. I still have some of the extra toys (we were allowed to take what we wanted of extra inventory after we had made the requisite number of boxes), and have found they make great kitty toys. That job was a lot of fun too.

Then I was a high school English/Spanish teacher for a year and a half. I can't say that was fun. It was just the wrong place for me to be at that time in my life.

Then I moved into admin. assistant positions. The first was at a construction company (general and mechanical contractor). I LOVED that job! The guys were so much fun to work with. Then I worked with a real estate appraisal firm. Hated it. The people there were so uptight and horrible. No appreciation to anyone below their status. And now I'm with a mechanical engineering firm...and I LOVE it again! They really appreciate what I bring to the job, I'm able to be creative in some aspects. It's all about the people I'm working with though. I liked the duties of the second job, but was miserable. I'm not so keen on answering phones which I do now, but I love the job because of who I work with.

I think it's all about making the best of any situation. If you go into it with a bad attitude, it will suck. Sometimes a "bad" job can be great because of who you work with and what you make of it. Sometimes a "cushy" job can suck because of people who make it their purpose in life to ruin someone else's day.
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Well, I've done the usual babysitting. Then I worked for a little while taking pizza orders and for a very short time at Country Style (Donut shop). But I taught swimming lessons for seven years, which was my longest job to date (hey, I'm only 22!). It was great, because I got a lot of experience working with special needs kids (when you've got seniority, the boss trusts you with the ones that need extra attention) AND got regular exercise while getting paid for it!
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not counting the kid jobs... my first REAL job was as a reservationist at Braniff International Airlines... i was the person who answered the phone when you called the number in the book! i stayed in that industry for 15 years. after Braniff folded, i became a travel agent - basically the same thing. then i went back to college, got my degree, & became a special ed teacher. that's what i do now.
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I have not had a very wide array of jobs.

I worked most of High School at the local Target. I was so skeptical of the job, and though I would hate it. I was a cashier for awhile, and then did returns. Turned out I loved the people I worked with there. And I met my current boyfriend who I plan to marry in the next 2 years, so it wasn't so bad after all.

I spent two summers working in daycare. NEVER AGAIN! It made me almost want to switch my career path mid - college.

I spent another two summers interning for an energy contracting company that works with the Department of Energy in Wash. DC.

Now I am currently a Kindergarten Teacher in the local public school system. I am not sure how long I'll survive in a classroom. I plan to go back to school next fall to get certified to be a school Computer/Technology Specialist.
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My first job was selling cider and doughnuts at the NYS Fair...then while in high school, I was a cashier at a local grocery store. Once in college, more interesting job opportunities landed my way, such as canning green beans for Libby's at their factory in my college town which was one of the worst jobs of my life...people not used to this kind of work would quit after a couple of hours or a couple of days - in a day when folks did not just quit jobs at the drop of a hat. I stayed 6 weeks, including one hellish stretch of 3 weeks without a day off as we were filling a government contract order (as I recall that was the explanation).
I did home health care while living in Colorado( as well as waiting tables in NY, CO and LA), and finally ended up going for a second college degree, working in a local nursing home while getting my RN.
I spent a year on a medical-surgical floor, and finally got a job where I wanted, on a high risk l&d unit where I spent 13 years.
Once I married and moved, I retired from nursing, did some fun retail in a cat collectibles shop, and now own my own business - the most fun job to date

Favorite jobs along the way - home health care - in CO I got to live 2 days of the week in the home of a wonderful couple, she had been a WWII nurse, he was a water color artist, and I loved caring for her/them, they lived up in the mountains...it was a sweet job.
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I have only worked three places so far. My first job was a photographer at Sears Portrait Studio. Then onto The Goddard School - a private preschool. Let me tell you, after working there for almost 2 years.. I will **never** send my children to preschool. No way!!

And now I work as a veterinary technician at Hamilton Veterinary Hospital. Which is a lot of fun. (most of the time)
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