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Oh sweetie!! I hope that you DO know, that you are VERY smart!! I always had a really rough time with studying, as I had a HUGE attention deficit, WAY before they ever had a name for it!! They just told me I was not concentrating and I was looking for attention (which, to be honest, sometimes I WAS, and I would be disruptive in class!!! eekkk!!! ---See, I'm telling on myself, but I am safe to do so now, as I am old enough to be your Mom!!! ) But, as I got older, I found that THE best way for things to stay in my mind, after I studied, was to WRITE IT DOWN!!! I also used those florescent highlighters first. I would highlight the very important things, earlier in the study week. Then, when I was studying for my test, I would write down all those highlighted things. AND, as I was writing it all out, I would read it out loud to myself, and it seemed to stay in my mind SO much better that way!!! --And you know what? MY GRADES WENT UP!!!!!!!!!!! These little tricks of mine, might just work for you too!!
Anyway, just know that a "C" is average. NOT a flunking grade!! So, just keep on going and doing your best, and see what study tricks work best for you, OK?
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I also have ADD. Its pretty severe for me.
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Jenny, I missed this thread completely. What an ordeal for you, and I'd have sent you mega vibes and prayers had I known. I don't need to repeat what the others have said -- but you've got some good advice there. Most of all believe in yourself and do your best for YOU.
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