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I may have found Kimber!!!!!

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Some of you may remember the horrible run in I had with a "breeder" that caused my kitten to loose 33% of her body weight in 45 days and her refusal to return my other kitten she had.

When I sued her, she told me via email that she had gone to a Wal-mart in her area and given the cat away. I was crushed as I had repeatedly asked for the kitten back and she wanted me to pay more to get her back than what I had sold her for.

Anyway, I got a phone call last night, and the woman said she has my girl. She sent photos and it looks like it could be her. I am waiting for her to have the kitty scanned for the micro-chip number,before taking down the announcement from my website.

This wonderful woman responded to an add for a free Persian in the area the
'breeder" lived in. My poor little girl was matted, flea infested, had ear mites and only weighed 5 pounds. She was just a year old and had miscarried 2 litter according to the "breeder".

Of course I wouldn't dream of taking her away from her new mommy, I just want to be sure she is doing well and is happy.

Please send vibes that this is my long lost girl! She was the second kitten born to my cattery and she and her two siblings are so presious to me. I feel that a huge weight has been lifted from my heart!
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Oh Teresa.....what wonderful news! I have my fingers crossed for you! Let us know what you find out!!
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Oh no, I must have missed your thread explaining that I am so sorry to hear what that 'breeder' did to your kitten! What a terrible person

I am pleased that you may have found your kitten though! I really hope that she has found a wonderful and loving home! Maybe the owner will keep in touch with you, so that you may visit or see pictures?

Sending good }}}VIBES{{{ that it is your kitty!
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Thanks for the vibes! I will need all I can get. The original thread was over a year ago, so you can see I have been holding on to hope by just a thread.

I am so thankful that people are kind enough to give my little kitty a good and loving home!
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I do remember that predicament Teresa. I do hope that you have found Kimber, and that she has found a wonderful and loving home.
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I do hope it is her Teresa!
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I certainly will be keeping my fingers crossed - let us know as soon as you know!!! how wonderful it would be if this was her
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The micro chip number has been confirmed by a vet! She is safe and sound. The woman who has her said she was loaded with fleas, earmites, and was extremely malnourished. She only weighed 5 pounds and had miscarried 2 litters before her 1st birthday, per the woman who had her. The vet now says she has a heart murmmer that was not present when I last had her. I am concerned that it may be caused by heart worms. With all the other infestations she had, this may be the cause.

I have asked the woman who has her, to have her tested ASAP. I hope she does and that it is still treatable.

She sent me a few photos of Kimber and she looks good now, though still very skittish of everything. You can see her on my website on the kittens page by clicking the earliest date on the left side.
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I am so glad for you. It is a relief to know she will be alright and hopefully well cared for now.
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Sounds like she had a rough life, but I am so glad shes in a home that will take care of her now and so glad for you as well. Now you have some closure and know for sure shes ok and will be well loved. That is such a wonderful ending and seems rare from all the stories I read. WOoo!
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I am so glad that you found Kimber, but I am sorry for what she had to go through. I hope that you are able to have the SPCA go after the "breeder" - and perhaps register her name on the "do not adopt to" lists!!! The fact that Kimber is skittish is heartbreaking, you must be very glad that you had the gumption to sue the breeder, and then not give up your efforts on finding her. What an encouraging story!
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I'm so happy you found Kimber.
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oh my gosh, what an aweful, aweful lady. Funny how one minute a home you find for your babies just seems to be the most wonderful and loving home, then the next thing you know she turns around and does something harmful to the kitty. I know how it feels.
Im SO glad Kimbar is with that new lady, she seems to care an aweful lot about that little one. K. had a harsh first part of her life, but she's in good hands and company now, thank gosh.

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