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My New Twins and a couple of Murphy  

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Here are a few pic of my twin babies that I found at the Grocery Store...Kash & Karry..I took your advice and named them just that...Cash & Cary bucking bronco! some dancing lessons! Murphy's now 6 1/2 months old
Well, there's just some of their cutie pie faces and antics...they're both so much alike except Cash has just a little more white on the back of his leg...otherwise, I'd never know who's who!

Love & Peace,
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They are precious and I love the names!

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Your kittens are adorable, but you might want to go and buy some bitter apple spray and spray the electrical cords. Bad things happen to kitties when they chew them.

Dangers to Kitties
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Thank you for noticing that. They were unplugged; it was the charger for my cell phone, the other is the cable for the TV...but, it's always good to point that stuff out...

Love & Peace,
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If they are chewing on them unplugged and you plug them in and forget to unplug them, how would they know? Best to find them other things to occupy their time........
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I noticed the cords too, but figured Cat was being cautious with them...especially with a destructive puppy in the house.
Darling kitties Cat, hopefully I'll be able to post some of my Brat Pack soon too!
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Well you're right, because after 33 years living with cats on this planet, I do realize that cords have a certain link to electricity and my cats were not using them for a chew toy. I'm extremely cautious not only due to the electricity but also the horror stories I've read about kittens or puppies getting entangled in, I'm very cautious; even with yarn and the like....

I do thank God, that I haven't had a related death to any of my animals in that way...this Thread is supposed to be's another cutie shot!

Love & Peace,

PS Although Cary is biting on my finger both do seem to prefer toes! :laughing2
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Now my husband won't want me one this site. I saw your kittens & now I want another one! When you have 5 already what is 1 more?
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Awwwwww bless, aren't they just gorgeous!!!!! C'mon Cat, ya know you wanna give me surley don't need all of em what with your racoon and pup too.....thats just greedy!!! Ha ha ha ha ha Love ya!
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the information is not only for you, but for others who might not realize that electrical cords and kitties don't get along. There are a lot of new people on this board who may log in to see your kitties and see the electrical cords as well. The warning was also for them. I didn't think you were ignorant in the ways of raising kittens, but it never hurts to check. And you newcomers are cute, they resemble two of mine Shredder and Bailey

God Bless-----
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They are very cute!!!
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The kittens are adorable and they look very happy in their new home!!
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Awwww... Thanks for your replies it's nice to see that you're enjoying them

Hi Adymarie :angel2: Time for one more :laughing2 Deb (lumpysmom) has a great pic...I wish she would paste it up here, Deb if you read this, you'll know which one it pertains to the husband and cat

Hey Rhea :angel2 Great observation girl I am greedy when it comes to my babies, but you're more than welcome to visit!!! :laughing2...hey, I'll be over that way next year. We'll talk soon about that! :laughing2

Hissy, your input is more than welcomed. :angel2: By the way, I didn't know Bailey looked like this...I thought you posted a pic once of him, but then again, you have so many, it's not easy for me/anyone to keep up with you. How many now???

Thanks again and I do have another roll! :laughing2:laughing2

Love & Peace,
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What color do you think their eyes are gonna be? I think green, but then again...???? It's been so long since I've had them this young. We all know they were blue of course, but that was a week ago and I see they're changing...anyone know?

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Your new kittens look like my shredder and kabota, Murphy is the one who resembles Bailey. All kittens eyes are blue and it takes a few months for the permanent color to come out. You may see a change before then, but usually at 2 months, you will be able to tell what color the kits eyes will be. Have fun with them. Last time I counted, I had 18 but have had a few show up since then.
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More than, do you remember TerriCar05? She's out west...somewhere I think in California, she has over 50 cats...the funniest thing about her is that she's not supposed to have ANY...she has a rental! I've been staying in touch with her for awhile now and so far so good...the guy never comes over for a house check! LOL...

As far as the kitties eyes go, yeah, I know they're blue for a while, but it's so wild how they change to even the most weirdest color from that steel blue...right now they look green, but who knows what they'll wind up being They're such loves; I just want to sqeeze 'em all the time! :LOL:

Love & Peace,

PS...Murphy reminds me so much of Opie...very regal...that's got to be the kitty I saw in the dishwasher at your house. Am I right?
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or was that Kabota? I'm getting confused. I told you I can't keep up! :LOL:
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under my bathrobe

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Great shot of Bailey Hissy!

My guess is green/gold...I guess thats Hazel huh?

My lil' ones are up now Cat, under Cleo's Fearsome Foursome...take a peak!
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Oh yeah...awwwwww...(happy under Mommy's towel!)Oh isn't he handsome!!! I don't remember seeing that pic of him...I know you had one in your dishwasher though..haha...Bailey looks looks a lot like Opie; I think the Murph's too light in color, unless it's the lighting on your pic... but they're all are so remember Opie don't cha?
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haha As I was previewing that last post, I saw your reply Cleo, I'm gonna head over to see the babies now!

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Catarina, your new babies are soooooooooooooo cute!!!
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Thank you DEB!!! :angel2:
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They are really neat,Catarina..
....Now if I can just find the cord and the install CD for our Digital Camera (that Lady Hawk has been bugging me to do),we'll be right !

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Hi Greybeard :angel2:

Arrrrrrgh! I know the feeling and what's worse is that when I finally did load it, the dang thing was scratched or something!! Now, I have this stupid camera with no software. I have to get it from AOL 'cause I took advantage of this deal (haha...right?) getting this digital (not a good one, but digital). I did use it once, then had a virus. I basically rebuilt the dang computer and had to delete all programs. I had the software in one of my cases, so I have no idea as to why the darn thing is no good anymore :confused2:

It gets frustrating! HAHA but, I guess I'll order it soon (somehow)...when you need to spend money, it'll be easy to contact them! :laughing2 Right? :laughing2:

Right now, I wish I had a pic of this, both of 'em are on my shoulder as I am sitting here typing! They are a riot! Sitting on my shoulder, batting each other from climbing on my head! :laughing2...this is tooooo funny!!! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

Love & Peace,
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Hey are so cute! Pic of hubby and kitty from me? don't know.....fill me in?
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The pic that shows the kitty vs the hubby...remember...the ad the lady put in the paper or whereever..."cute kitty needs home...etc. Now you'll remember kitty is I know you following my cursor, making me type he's looking over the computer, trying to figure out why he can't grasp this thing. I better quit teasing him with it! He'll eat my mouse! haha

See ya Love,
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