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Am I Allergic to my cats?

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I have had my angels for almost 5 years. In the past 6 months I have developed severe congestion, coughing, etc. I cough so hard that I choke and gag.
I am scheduling an appointment with an ENT, for my regular internist cannot help me.
I know that colds, bronchitis, etc. is making the rounds this year in a BAD way.
Can anyone offer me help??
I may be jumping the gun. I am just scared, y'all....
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Bobbie don't be scared! I've no idea really but if you've been ok with the kitts all this time?!, but i hope you aren't allergic to them!

Coughs and colds are going around like you say because this is my second week and i'm fed up of coughing!.

I've gave the lozenge companies some good business thats for sure!!

Have they no idea what it could be even?!
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I would doubt that you are allergic to them since you've had them so long. Is there anything at all in your house that is new that could be causing an allergy?

And you're right.....it IS cold and flu season......so my guess would be that you're just sick right now.

Hope you feel better soon.
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If it's some kind of allergy, try taking in more Vitamin C via fruit juices. It really helps build one's resistance.
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I have an appointment on Feb 21.
A neighbor down the street has been suffering with what I have, went to this guy, and is better. She says not to worry.
Carol and Jasper also helped.
I feel better, knowing that they can help me, I am not dying, etc.

I know this is freaky, but coughing scares me cause that is how my sister's death sentence began. ***long story, won't go into it now***
Thanks everyone, bobbie
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Hi, Bobbie, d'oh, now I know ENT + ear nose and throat, sorry, I am a bit sleepy this morning, its a bit early at my house, grin....having a blond day, OH NO!!
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Awwww Bobbie don't think that what happend to your sister will happen to you

I can imagine everything must be going through your head right now but you'll only stress yourself out more by thinking?!
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I am ok, going to read with my angels.
2 books! Cats With Attitude
Cats & The Live They Touch
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Don't worry Bobby....it doesn't really sound like an allergy, but even if that's what it turns out to be, there are ways to manage allergies. I'm allergic to cats (and melon and apples and hornets and ragweed and blah blah blah lol), and I still have 2!
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