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I am the new mother of a beautiful little tabby girl kitten. She is soon to be 6 months old (in a couple of weeks). I found what looked like to be a baby tooth in my carpet the other day and freaked. My fiance says that kittens lose some baby teeth around this age and that it is perfectly normal. I kept the tooth because she has an appointment at the vet tomorrow but I just wanted to check with other kitty owners/parents to see if they had something similar happen to them.
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YUP - your fiance is 100% correct and congradulations do keep the tooth. It is rare that you find them. All the best
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They hurt when you step on them too
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Thank you so much Hell603/Alpha Cat and Sandie/TCS Home Cat for your response regarding my cat losing teeth. I am so glad I found a website that I actually like that helps me out with my kitty. You guys are great!
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