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Rhiannon's Kitties.

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As most of you know I found a pregnant stray, Rhiannon, and after a very hard labor gave birth to 11 kitties, 6 died right away, and as the hours after unfolded the other 5 followed. Rhiannon is still in a very precarious condition, and she just got released from the vets today, they say "Only she can decide from here." So pray that her 11 little angels find a healthier happier place on the other side of the bridge, and please pray that Rhia doesn't join them yet.
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Awww, those poor sweet angels never had a chance. Mama more than likely had to many babies for them too develope normally. Sending good vibes to Rhiannon.
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Poor little babies. I agree....she probably had too many. I've never heard of a cat having 11 kittens! WOW!

I'm sure they're healthy and happy now and have found a new mommy to watch over them at the Rainbow Bridge.
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That is so sad - poor little kittens. Thank goodness you found her and gave her the help she needed at this time. My thoughts and get well vibes are going out to Rhia - and you.
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Well, I'm sure that Rhiannon probably wants to be with her babies (like most of us moms that have lost a little one too soon) but hopefully she still has a mission with us here left behind. I am extremely grateful that you were able to rescue this cat and get her veterinary care; I shudder at the thought of the agonies that she would have gone through!! 11 kittens is alot, though, and sweet little things, you saved them from suffering a miserable death in the desperate cold of a Dakota winter. I will light a candle in the window for the little babies, and as a light here on earth, as a sign of love and encouragement to Rhiannon to please stay here with you, and share the love and joys that await you two in a life together!! Please keep us posted!!!Susan
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poor kittens, poor mum cat. my thoughts are with you
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So sorry for hear that... my prayers with you...
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