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Is it a breed or just genetics?

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Hi My fiancee told me that a woman he worked with had kittens and cats with a thumb that they can use, she says its a rare breed, but she is just giving the away free.
Is this a breed of cat?

IM just wanting to know. If no one comes to claim the last kitten I will step up and adopt the darling. I dont wanna see it be an outdoor cat like the others the woman owns.

I also heard the mother cat would take her younge and leave them im the middle of the road and watch them get ran over, that dont sound right?

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If these cats have extra toes, they are what is called, polydactyl. This is no special breed of cat, but for some pure breeds, being polydactyl will disqualify the cat from show. However, the Pixie Bob breed is an exception to this rule. Pixie Bobs can and are quite frequently polydactyl and are not disqualified from the show ring for having extra toes. My one female Pixie Bob, Aurora, is polydactyl on all 4 feet. She has 2 extra toes on both front feet and 1 extra toe on both back feet.
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John, explained it well. In most breeds, with one or two as exceptions having extra toes is a fault and a very bad one too!

Also about the mother cat leaving her kittens to watch them get run over sounds like a whole lot of rubbish to me. Where did you hear this?
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Absolute garbage about the momcat leaving the kittens in the middle of the road one by one to get run over! Polydactyls are extremely intelligent cats. Prowler is a poly and I see evidence of her intelligence every day. They are a fun breed of cat to own as well, and nothing is rare about them. Prowler has 21 toes.
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I just love how Aurora can pick things up with her big front feet. Her front paws look like she is wearing mittens
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Prowler is absolutely fearless and she has a new trick when the cats are eating. After she finishes her food, she lays down close to another cat's food dish, and reaches over and grabs the bowl of food and slides it right to her. LOL It is the funniest thing. She is also an intense toy hunter- loves Da Bird and will go after it for hours at a time if we let her.
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THank you for the responses. I dont know if she still has the kitten or not. My fiancee hasnt worke with her yet.

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i would love a polydactyl, they are very special cats.

i hope the kittens still there and you can home iy
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i thought the extra toed cats were "created" in through imbreeding over breeding or something like that
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Aren't those Hemingway cats at Key West all polys ? ?
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Poly's are NOT created, it's a natural mutation and can occur with any breed, although they are "known" as hemingway cats, not all are related to them.
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