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Wireless mouse and keyboard

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My bf brought me home a suprise yesterday. A wireless mouse and keyboard set! It is great and so very convienent. Anyone else use them?
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Yep and I love mine, the only problem is when the truckers roar by using their cb radios, I lose the use of both the mouse and the keyboard till they get out of range.
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I've never had one Squirt but I heard they're great! Good for you!
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Got one for Christmas! Love it!
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We've got one, the key board is great but im not to keen on the mouse. Im not quite sure why but I know I dont like the mouse that much
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How long do the batteries last? My sister has a wireless mouse and keyboard and can never seem to recall the answer to this question.
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I have one. Love it.
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Originally Posted by MissCharlotte
How long do the batteries last? My sister has a wireless mouse and keyboard and can never seem to recall the answer to this question.
I just got it yesterday. But I put fresh batteries in it and I will let you know when they run out
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I got a new computer with a wireless keyboard and mouse for Christmas. The only thing I don't like about my keyboard is that I can't tell when the CAPS LOCK is on unless I type something. I was reading on the Dell computer forum that the batteries in the mouse will last from 4 to 6 weeks and the keyboard a little longer. Don't know yet if that's true. I think I may just get some rechargeable batteries. I think I will save money in the long run.
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I haven't ever had one, but my friend has had his for 8 months and hs never had to change the battery in his keyboard! He doesn't use the mouse though, as he uses a graphics mouse.

I just use a normal USB mouse and keyboard or my Graphics Tablet and mouse whcih powers directly from the source.

Good for you though!
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Sounds great! That sure was nice of Eric, Tanya!
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After posting earlier, I looked at the info that came with my keyboard and found out that there are lights on the receiver to tell when the caps lock is on. Of course, I have so much "good junk" on my desk, I wasn't able to see the receiver. So, I'm happy now!
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I have one, and it's great. I love it. The keyboard's battery life is very long!!! The mouse, however, doesn't last too long, so we got rechargeable batteries for it that charge in 15 mins... so that worked out great!
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I love my wireless desktop!!!(but yes, it interferes with my radio scanning)
I have had mine for close to 2 years and I have NEVER replaced the batteries in the keyboard....the mouse's life really does depend on battery quality. Cheapos from the dollar store tend to last no more then a month or so, but energizers have lasted 6months+ on more then one occasion.
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We got a wireless set about two months ago, I hated the mouse and it kept dying and freezing up so we went back to using the wire mouse, but I absolutely love the wireless keyboard!
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i want one of these, but i also want web access thru the tv so i can surf while sitting on the sofa!
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