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Uh, oh! All **** has broken loose here!

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I just went outside to see what the awful racket is. There are four police helicopters with searchlights going over this sleepy little town - something bad must have happened. Nothing is open at this hour (10:45 p.m.) except restaurants and bars. I can't find any reports on television, either.
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I hate that when it happens!.

Make sure your doors are locked Tricia!!
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Nothing on TV, and the helicopters are moving westward. They must be looking for somebody on foot, because they're lighting up yards. There was an attempted murder of a 14-year-old girl one town over to the east on Saturday, a little before 6 p.m. (she's in intensive care with multiple stab wounds). Maybe the guy struck again, or there was a robbery. So much for safe, small town life.
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Oh good grief!!. Theres bound to be something on the news channel later on.
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WOW - Please be careful!!!!
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I am sure you have already done this - but lock all the doors and windows! I'd probably turn all the outside lights on to - just so whoever they were looking for wouldn't decide my yard is a good place to hide.... not sure if that is a good idea or not.

Stay safe!
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Keep us updated, hope everything is ok. If you get scared, we're here to talk to!
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Wow....not an everyday occurrence i am sure. Hope everything is ok, the odds of someone coming into your place (that is even if its someone on foot being chased, it might be a car) are not good at all, so do not worry too much.....
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Still nothing on TV, and hubby is asleep, so I don't know what's on the radio (can't hear it). Don't worry - all the doors and windows are locked, and the outside lights are on. I actually kind of hope that the police are after the perp from Saturday, as long as the attack wasn't fatal. The description the girl gave was of an approximately 20-year-old, so maybe they'll catch a potential serial killer before there are dead victims. That sounds horrible, but it would be best to catch him ASAP, before he develops a successful routine.
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Well you've taken all the right precautions Tricia - let's hope they catch whoever it is soon. Nice to know your strong, loyal protector is right there by your side keeping all dangers away I'll bet hubby's snoring too.

I don't like it when the police helicopters hover over here - I do just what you have done. If you have a mobile or cordless phone I usually keep that with me - just in case!

Keep safe.
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Yikes that sounds scary!
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YIKES, indeed! Keep safe, Tricia. Hope they catch whoever without any casualties.
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Please keep safe! Try to let us know what happening when you can~
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Wow, that's scary!! At least you're not alone in the house and you're smart to lock the doors. Good idea to keep the lights on outside. My mom had some guy run through her backyard once. Yep, she saw him jump the fence, run across, and back over the fence on the other side. Police were chasing him. She lives in a small enough town too; good area too! She never heard a word about the exact incident either, so don't count on hearing anything on the news. But if you do, let us know!!!
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wow thats weird.
Today we had these huge police cars and stuff with the number plate NVS? not sure but yeah it was from the big head department coming to the small department in Witten.
I wonder if they had brought a serial killer or something
Hope youre okay trish!
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wow sounds just like my neighborhood 2 weekends ago. They had a murder in our apartment complex. The only good thing about it was the victim is the one who shot the bad guy instead of the other way around. Our apartments are nice and normally very quiet. It was scary when all the police cars came in and the helicopters and we did not know what was going on.
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Tricia, any word yet? I know it's late over there, but we would all feel better if we heard that they found and captured whoever they were looking for!
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That would sure give me the willies, and I'm sorry, but I'd be waking dh up!
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Any news?
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Hopefuuly she is enjoying a snooze along with hubby!
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I couldn't get back on TCS last night - it was too "overcrowded". Would you believe the police aren't giving out any information? At all? My best friend's future son-in-law is a local detective, and he says they can't talk about the "incident" even off the record. Weird. The last time we had helicopters overhead it was because of a bank robbery, but that was during the day. I'm worried about the guy who stabbed the 14-year-old. The kids here walk to and from school, or take public transportation. What if he strikes again?
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That happened once to me too! I was young, like 13, minding my younger brother and sister, and this guy my mom worked with called to talk to my mom. I said she was out, and he said "are you guys by yourselves"? I said yes (this was a good friend of my mom's, not a stranger, of course), and he said to lock all the doors and wait for him to get there. When he came over, he explained that there had been a bank robbery in town and the police were searching the fields behind our house, as that's the last place the robbers had been seen (he had a police scanner). I was like, "oh, THAT explains all the copper choppers!" He stayed with us until our parents came home and talked to the cops when they came house to house.
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The police did a search of yards today (and freaked Jamie out - he didn't appreciate strangers walking in his yard, and sat in the window and complained the whole time), so I finally found out what happened. There's a gas station two blocks down from us, and it was robbed by a teenager, approximately 16 - 18, armed with a machine gun, and on foot! Gun control is pretty strict here, but with all the weapons still floating around in the former Yugoslavia, and open borders due to EU enlargement, it's pretty easy to get things like that. The question is, was it real, or a toy or replica? So now we have one young slasher/ripper, and another kid robbing places with a Kalashnikov.
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Oh no!!!!!!. Tricia make sure your eyes and ears are open when you go out!!, and always make sure you have your mobile with you!
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That's some scary, Tricia!!
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I hope they catch them soon
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Update: The police found the robber's outerwear and weapon in a trash can on our street. The "Kalashnikov" wasn't real, but a "Softair" weapon, which, according to the police, can still do a bit of damage at close range. The culprit hasn't been caught.
The bad news is that a 19-year-old guy was slashed and stabbed around 9 p.m. yesterday evening, again one town over. He's in the hospital in satisfactory condition. That makes two victims in one week - Saturday and Thursday, both teenagers, though of different ages and genders. It really sounds as if the perp is out of control.
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Oh gosh Tricia, how scary! As everyone else has said, please stay safe!
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