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Meat baby food

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None of my cats are ill or not eating now - but when I had my 17 year old cat - the vet would at times get me to give him meat baby food. That is something I have not seen recommended here - and was wondering if was still a good idea, or not recommended?
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We have at the clinic I work at a 22 year old cat who no longer likes the regular cat food that the other cats eat. We feed him a mixture on 9 lives tuna and meat baby food, but the meat baby food has to contain NO ONION or GARLIC powder. Gerber has a stage 2 food that is like turkey with turkey gravy, beef with beef gravy etc. and that is ok. I would save baby food as last resort to cats who are not eating though, sometimes once you start it they will hold out for it.
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I recommend it here all the time! As long as its free of onions (and all the Gerber stage 2 meats as I recall are onion free), it's fine to use - as an appetite stimulant, as temporary food for an ill kitty or post-op kitty.
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I was told to feed my cat baby food a couple times. She will starve herself when she get sick or upset. I was running out of new things to try when the vet said to feed her baby food. I was told not to get the beachnut brand because of the garlic in it.
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Great! Next question - how long does that stuff last in a jar? While my cats aren't sick, and I hope they don't plan to be - I was thinking about getting a jar or two to have on hand.
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The jar says to refridgerate after opening, of course, and to use within 2 days.
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Oh, and Sierra's favorites are Beechnut Stage 1 Chicken and Chicken Broth and Turkey and Turkey Broth.
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