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My sick kitty cat

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We are the owners of "Cat" the long haired black tabby cat. "Cat" is the only name she will answer too. She was a starving stray that adopted us about 3 years ago. She is probably 6 or 7 years old. She is a laid back lounge around cat. Plays some when you play with her. But for the most part she is just a lounger.
She was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection with struvite crystals. She was put on an antibiotic with a prescription food to help get rid of the crystals.

Since she has been on the antibiotic she has not wanted to play just lay around. Yesterday her eye started running, it is clear stuff.
Could this be from the antibiotic? She has to go back to the vet next week for another urinalysis test to see how that problem is. does this sound like she has something else going on?

We have always been dog owners, this is our first cat to own.

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It could be that she has something in her eye. If the discharge turns cloudy, or yellow get her to the vet immediately for she is probably fighing an infection.
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Cats are often lethargic when they are ill.
Does she feel feverish or cold? Is she eating and eliminating? Does she seem agitated or in pain? You should call your vet if there are problems in those areas.
If not, she is probably just feeling like crap from the UTI. If she seems to be hiding away from you, try making her a little nest that is dark and comfy for her to rest in.

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Thanks. She is just lounging around and will steer clear of us. She comes around when it is time to eat. I think she is tired of us shoving anitbiotics down her twice a day. She seems to get mad and just go off. I just thought that after a few days of antibiotics she would start feeling better. She has been on them since last Wed afternoon. She is eating and going to the bathroom with no problems that we see. She is peeing more since she is on the antibiotic and the canned prescription food. So I'm assuming this is good and getting rid of everything.
Thanks everyone.
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Anytime I am giving meds, I can count on the cats running from me when they see me coming. They dislike being asked to do something they don't want to do and they make their feelings known quite strongly. It takes time for the antibiotic to kick in, so just let your cat rest up.
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