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Just for fun....

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some interesting statistics on what "normal" is.

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mmmm... the mystery unfolds .
but I didn't know that you had to be that bad to be rated normal.
So does that mean that in an insane world only the sane are insane

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I don't believe that only 33% of women lie about their weight. It's got to be more! Then again a smart friend/spouse wouldn't even ask!
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regarding :

39% of us peek in our host's bathroom cabinet. 17% have been caught by the host... whoops, "uh.. just looking for the uh..."
I heard from someone that put marbles into their bath cabinet.Picture this now...

A well dressed man in a suit excused himself to go you-know-where.Shortly thereafter there came the sound of HUNDREDS of marbles hitting the linoleum floor of the loo...Heh..lol ,and immediately after that the fine gentleman (red faced)came out and left the premises without a backwards glance.

What do you bet that HE never again will go scouting out the host's premises?

Ah,me....the things people do.

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That sounds sooo embarassing!
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Funny story! :laughing2:

Kinda makes you wonder what motivates a person to set up such a boobytrap though?...Paranoia (sp), too much time on their hands, past experience, or just plain sadistic?

It does sound comical though!
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