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My cat doesn't want to drink water from the fountain

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Hello guys, how are you doing?
Recently I bought a Drinkwell Fresh Water Fountain, like the one in the picture for my cat but he doesn't seem to be very happy about drinking on it. It should be better for his health than a regular bowl because the water is moving and it is being filtered but for a reason I do not know he doesn't want to drink on it. Any advice?
Should I give him water in a bowl as before or just be paitient and sooner or later he will have to drink from the water fountain.


P.S. That's the fountain
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It took a few days for my cats to accept the moving water, but now they don't drink out of anything else. The noise I think startles them a bit. I would put out a bowl of water as well for them, you can also buy a few ping pong balls and float them in the bowl to curb their interest,.
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Is the flow adjustable? You might want to turn it down to a minimum to make the fountain less noisy (and therefore less scary). Jamie has had a Petmate fountain for a few years, which he drinks out of, but he still has three other water bowls strewn throughout the house, and he drinks out of all of them.
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Thank you for your advice guys,
it seems it took a couple of days for him to get use to it but now he loves to drink from the fountain. I am not an expert but I'd recommend everybody to get one of these things, because the water your cats will be drinking is filtered and aireated.
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It took DeeDee 4 days before she drank out of her fountain and now she loves it. I did leave her regular bowl with bowl out too because I was worried of her not drinking at all
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My problem was kittens playing in their water, upending the water dish. Also had kittens drinking from the dishwashing water, from the toilet, anyplace BUT the water dish (upended by now).

The only solution that worked was a fountain. And we keep the bathroom doors shut unless a human is using the human litter bowl.
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I'm glad your kitty is drinking from it now. I have a different fountain, and one cat will drink from it on occasion, while the other ignores it completely. Both prefer the tupperware cup on top of my dresser.
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