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Thank you all!

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I don't normally post in public forums. But, this one I felt I had to. I took in a stray about 6 years ago only to learn it loved to vomit. After repeated trips to the vet I stopped before the scope mainly due to the amounting costs.

About 5 months ago I moved into my new house and tigger was still doing his thing. A month ago I had it. I was at the end of my ropes. Anytime my cat got excited he would throw up. Imagine my surprise when I learned my cat loves visitors.... At any rate, he'd throw up after he ate, after he came in from outside and of course anytime he felt like it.

Two weeks ago I made the call to my vet to have my cat put down. That same day I had a few hours to kill and found this site. I went through all 4000+ threads in this section and discovered the "slide a phone book under his food" trick. I also learned a huge amount about cat food and the differences. My cats now on Natural Balance(thank you whoever had the same problem and suggested this).

It's been two weeks, he's thrown up 2ce since then. Once because I didn't make the gradual transition and once was a hairball! I would like to thank you all so much. I really did not want to get rid of him and without this site, I would have made the worst mistake of my life.

P.s. Tigger says thanks too..
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Awww, give Tigger a hug for me! Tell Tigger to give you a hug for me too!

Please don't be a stranger, we love company... who knows, hang around enough and you may just call us family.
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Awesome! I am so glad the phone book trick worked. Cats are just notorious gulpers, and stray and ferals are worse because they eat everything in sight and then some more. It is their instinct to do so, because even though we know they are "safe" with us, they don't understand that. Also feeding at regularly scheduled times will help alleviate the food anxiety. If your cat can set her interal watch by your actions, they tend to relax quicker
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oh, I'm so glad that TCS helped a happy ending....I found this site when my cat was a puke machine too! lotsa helpful people hang out here...its a cool place.

so lets see some pictures of the lucky little guy!!
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Hello again! As for the eating schedules; I had tried everything from 3 times a day, 6 times lotsa little amounts, to finally letting him graze. When I moved into this house I made the decision to keep him permanently inside. Mainly because I thought the reason he was throwing up was because of nerves; outside couldn't be helping that. As it turns out, he's loving it indoors. He doesn't dash to try and get outside or anything!

It's turned into a war between the cat and I. I really didn't like who I was becoming around him, and I'm sure he didn't like the way we were going. it took him years to finally trust me and watching that look in his eyes return, like he didn't trust me was killing me. Now, he's back to his old ways and this place is a much happier home for both of us.

I will definately be watching / reading this forum. Thanks again!
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so glad to hear TCS helped!
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this actually brought a tear to my eye!!!
How wonderful that you found TCS just in time and that everything has worked out Please give Tigger a BIG BIG hug from me

I hope you stick around and we can get to know you both !!!
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I'm so pleased that you found this site to help you!

When in doubt on anything just ask a question
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