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He hasn't been adopted yet so here it's again;
**Goliath is a beautiful Maine Coon that seems to have been social at
some point in his life. He was probably discarded at a young age and
left to fend for himself. He shows signs of coming around and then
regresses because his current situation isn't conducive to
socializing. He's been abused by neighborhood kids and threatened
by a neighbor. The cats in the area have one by one disappeared.
Goliath is the last of a colony of 8 cats.

Goliath has been neutered, vaccinated and tested. Sadly, he's tested
positive for FIV (confirmed Western Blot). They say he's healthy as
a horse, no signs of FIV, no bartonella or any of the secondary
infection/viruses that go along with the condition ... but FIV+. His
current foster home is no longer available and the colony that was
offered isn't even an option. The vet's office will hold him
temporarily. We're looking for a controlled environment where
Goliath can be safe, happy and healthy.**

Contact me privatly, thank-you very much!