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who efiled?

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So i efiled and my federal apparently went thru and I'm waiting for my state.. do I have to send in my w2 at anytime in this process?? Anyone else efile? Is it as fast as they say??
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I have E-filed every year since 1998. It's so nice.
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I e-filed last night, federal has already accepted it - it usually takes about 2 weeks to get my refund. Ohio hasn't accepted it yet, and KY I have to file by paper (eghads what is the world coming to!) because of the I was only a part year resident.
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so do you ever send anything in?? Do you just keep the W2s??
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Nope, never send anything in - just keep the W2's and any paperwork filed for at least 7 years.
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We've efiled for the last several years. Works great, no problems. We'll be doing it again this year. As for the papers, I keep each year's papers in a manila envelope that gets filed in a box in the basement. When an envelope hits 10 years - shredder time!
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I efiled, I actually did my taxes myself (Thank You Turbo Tax!) this year because H&R Block charged me $201.00 to use their "services" last year.

SO I did it myself on for $34.90!!!! It was so easy! Ya just print off your stuff to keep in your paper files along with your W2's, 1098's, and all that fine stuff... but everything is done electronically and you can choose direct deposit.

My Fed has already been accepted (I did mine 2/7) and the KY State is still pending. I think KY State takes longer anyway, I always get my chunky Fed refund before the wee KY one comes in.

- Steph
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I efiled mine on January 14th and got my $$ direct deposited 4 days later
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4 Days!!! I am jealous! Now you are going to have me looking at my checking account sooner.
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I was suprised by mine. The program said it would take 7-10 days. I happened to check my bank account a few days before and was very suprised to see it there waiting for me
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I efile too, and I love it. I used and did Federal and State for $15.95. I've heard this somewhere and it's seemed to be true for me, that they do deposits (or mail your checks) on Fridays. I did my taxes last Wednesday and I'm expecting it this Friday in my account! YAY!
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I e-filed both Bill's and my taxes. I'm going to check his bank account, as I did his taxes a few days before mine. Love that TurboTax!
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My sister e-filed over the weekend and now I'm looking into it. My taxes have never been difficult to do, but I may just try it this year.
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I've efiled for the last 5-6 years and it really is easy. I filed mine this year on January 28th, but still no refund. I checked the IRS website and the status says that I should receive it by February 15th. But I remember last year that I had already gotten my refund in the bank and the IRS website was still showing as "in process." So I'm looking for my refund any day now.
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Ack! We thought we had all of our paperwork in - w2's, house mortgage internest, moving expenses and two documents from my husband's work when he cashed out his pension and sold his shares in the company. We got those two about 1 to 2 weeks ago. Today we get a 3rd!! Evidently one check he got had two payments - so even though we got 2 checks, we were supposed to get 3 different papers for the disbursments. Arggh! I just filed last night! I now have to do an ammendment, but Turbotax won't let me until the two (fed and Ohio) clear the "clearinghouse") So, soon as that happens, I get to file my very frist amended return. Ack! I hate things like this that deal with the goverment.

Anyone else been through this?
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I just e-filed!! That was rather easy too. I did mine from turbotax online.
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We are e-filing through H&R Block online. It's costing us $20 because we have to file for the state. We never send anything in - just keep all the paperwork safe and accessable.
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Hey gang, it's my first time efiling and I just wanted to make sure - seriously we don't have to turn in our W2 forms or anything? Are you sure?

Usually I do it on Turbo Tax and then print it out but my printer died so I was thinking about doing it online instead...
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
Hey gang, it's my first time efiling and I just wanted to make sure - seriously we don't have to turn in our W2 forms or anything? Are you sure?

Usually I do it on Turbo Tax and then print it out but my printer died so I was thinking about doing it online instead...
Nope, you don't have to send in anything. They confirm what you report with the forms your employer files. Just keep everything on file for 7 years in case there is ever a need to audit you.
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I filed Bill's taxes on Jan. 30 and he had his state refund on Feb. 4. I filed mine on Feb. 1 and we both got our Federal refunds on Feb. 11. My state came in on Feb. 10.

I LOVE e-file and direct deposit!
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i've e-filed for the last few years, as well - LOVE IT!
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Hey guys, it turns out I can't efile. WAH! I can't find my paper copy of my taxes from last year and I need some info from that. So now I have to abuse my computer and hope it works!
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