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Sickening Story...

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I just wanted to share a story and hope for prayers for these 2 little girls in Houston Texas. This was on the news last night,,,this extremely young couple(early 20's) had beaten their 6 month old and their 15 month old litttle daughters nearly to death. They didnt go into much detail about the 15mo. old other than to say she will make it,,but the 6 mo. old is in critical condition. The couple not only beat this little girl so badly, but molested her violently(w/objects) also. She has spine fractures, a nearly severed tongue, kidneys are completely failed, many of her internal organs are damaged from the sexual abuse,,,and so on and so on. They said that at this age, there could have been no higher level of pain than what this baby must have experienced.I cant understand child molestors on any level,,but really??...A 6 mo. old baby!!! I couldnt help but crying and I am nearly ready to cry again. This just breaks my heart that there are people in the world like this. Please keep these little girls in your prayers,,I am also praying for severe justice for these dispicable parents. Sorry for the downing story guys. It's just been bothering me and I needed to share.
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The problem is I keep hearing stories like this more and more. That couple in Fla who tormented & starved their foster kids (something like 5 foster kids), a little girl who was raped & strangled down the street from me here where I work, a girl in Indiana who was murdered because she witnessed druggies making Meth.

The problem is, these people who do stuff like this are allowed to go free for 'good behavior', they are allowed to keep on having kids & adopting kids, even though stuff like this happens. The main problem in the USA; we need stiffer punishment for criminals like this, rapists & murderers. Instead, we put them up for a few years & feed them well, then release them so they can go do it again. I say anyone who does things like this to any human being should be strung up and shot.
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Oh my God Stevie.......what could have happened to these two adult people to make them so evil?
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Oh my God Stevie.......what could have happened to these two adult people to make them so evil?
Not just them, Susie......our local news ran a piece Sunday about a mother who had starved her three children to death.............just what the he** can people be thinking?
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And I found out that a judge had taken the girls away from the parents once before for abuse and gave them back!!!!!! That judge should feel awful. About the sexual molestation part, and excuse me of the risk of sounding ignorant, but I didnt think babies had even fully developed yet, so I couldnt even imagine the pain those poor little girls must have gone through,,,it is bad enough for these kinds of things to happen to adults, but children!! My heart just goes out to them and others like them.
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Stevie when I heard that on the news I cried as well, that is *bleeping disgusting* and those 2 are very very sorry excuses for human life
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One parent doing such things to their own children can be explained away as mental illness but BOTH parents engaging in these activities? I really don't understand how that can happen. Prayers go out to the children who will never be able to lead and "normal" life after this.
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Children are such helpless victims, and it's just despicable that parents would do anything to harm their children. Vile, simply vile. And there do seem to be more and more stories of this type. I just saw two more on the CNN Web site: http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/02/08/abu....ap/index.html
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Oh my God Stevie.......what could have happened to these two adult people to make them so evil?
Honestly, that was my first reaction, too. I'm not a huge proponent of the death penalty but in instances like this when people show a level of cruelty that's evidently sociopathic, I think we are endangering innocent people by letting them remain (or even potentially go back to) any community. I am so angered and shocked by this story -- it is an example, to me, of pure evil.
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Years ago you never heard so much abuse as you do now.Was it more hidden back then? Or is the world just going crazy. I am so over protective of my daughter, I have just recently let her stay for a few hrs by her friends house( she is 7), before I wouldn't even think of it. She wants to sleep over at friends houses, that is a no-no. I read stories like this, and I ask what is happening? I don't have the answer, I just wish I did.
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what a horrible story, i hope those 2 monsters get what they deserve
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I was actually thinnking about this the other night after changing the diaper on my son. I can't even visualize someone sexually molesting a baby because they're so small and helpless. I just cannot comprehend it at all. I mean, I know it happens, but I can't comprehend how an adult can look at a baby and think, "Wow! Sex!" It's just....I don't even know what to say or think at this point. It not only leaves me speechless but incapable of thought too.
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It just shows that they are insane. There's no way a 6 month old could be considered sexy. It's a baby!
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