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cat rabies?

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This morning my kitten came back in from the outside and he keeps meowing and trying to bite my legs over and over. His attitude is really snappy and he's very aggressive today. He just walks around meowing really loud like he's whining and annoyed at something and when i walk by (and even as I'm typing this) he keeps trying to bite me over and over and over and over. I'm about to call the vet when they open to see what's going on but I'm wondering if this could be rabies or something. He's normally an indoor cat but every once in a while (maybe once or twice every two weeks) somebody doesn't pay attention and he runs out of the house for a night or two. He's never acted like this before as well. It seems like he's really trying to attack me. He'll just bite my sheets (I'm wearing them now to protect myself) and keep his jaw latched on for a few seconds then do it over and over. If I try to pet him or something he'll snap and try to bite my hand. Then he'll go off and lay down like he's calm again and when he sees me walking around he'll start trying to attack me as I walk wherever I go. It seems like he's targetting me as well, as he hasn't done this to my mom or my brother yet.

Right now he's laying down making this whining noise.

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It seems like he's only exhibiting this behavior towards me. My brother just picked him up with no problem but he keeps coming towards me trying to attack me whenever I walk around or am in the same room with him. But when my brother picked him up there was no snappiness. So these are his symptoms:

- Contant meowing that is whiny/attention-like in nature. He's meowing for a reason. They're kind of like meows with a quick attack and then one like mrwoooowwww that sounds like a whine.
- He walks around the house doing this.
- Snappiness, won't let me (supposeldy only me) touch or get near him. If I try to pet him he'll go mrow mrow and snap at my fingers. He gets defensive.
- Constantly trying to bite my (and supposedly only my) legs whether I'm walking around or just sitting down.

Can't wait to call the vet to get him checked up.

Note: He needs to be neutered as well. He's probably around the 4-5 month old mark. I was probably being too dramatic earlier by characterizing this as rabies but this is definitely something.
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No, I don't think your kitten has rabies, but he should be vaccinated against that disease, and several others, if he goes outside. A cat that young is full of energy, and often aggressive play. Have your vet give him a thorough check-up, and suggest some ways to redirect the aggression. The meowing is probably to get attention - play with him, using fishing pole toys, ping pong or crinkle balls. The ping pong balls are a good way to distract him if he really is attacking you, so you could keep some in your pockets, and throw them away from you (not at him) when he starts "stalking". If he snaps you when you approach or pet him, don't. Let him come to you. A few treats as a bribe might get him to come to you. Don't play with him using your hands, and if he does scratch or bite you when he gets carried away, go "ouch", or make a hissing noise, and stop playing with him immediately, so that he knows his behavior is unacceptable.
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It sounds like his unneutered male hormones are starting to kick in. You definately SHOULD NOT let him outside if he isn't neutered. He could have gotten into his first fight with another male cat over his territory and if he isn't already, he is going to start spraying all over your house. You need to neuter him NOW and please pay attention and do not let him outside.
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