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Sneezing, Vomiting, Diarrhea, 6mo Old Bangel

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You may have remembered Zipper from a previos post about introducing him to my 6yr old Bengal Illusion. Well they are getting along well, playing together, grooming each other, and of course fighting as well. Right now though I have major problems with Zipper the 6mo old. I do have a vet scheduled tomorrow morning, but with almost no money I'm not sure I afford much, using tax return already to have him neutered but that will have to wait now

Zipper is a bengal kitten that was giving to be by a breader in the family, same person who gave me Illusion about a year ago.

When Zipper first came home about 2 months ago he started to get a cold, or what I thought was a URI. It went untreated for a couple weeks, assuming it would go away, and was due to the stress of the move. This consisted of random sneezes.

About a month later it started getting worse, sneezing more often, and seemed like excess gas, or smell coming from him. At this time I started giving him amoxil, .25/.5mg twice a day in canned cat food.

well since then it hasn't seem to have gotten any better, he is sneezing uncontrollably, and continuing for about a minute. He has diarrhea, but I was told it may be a side effect from the antibiotics. He just looks ill and I'm trying everything I can I plan on purchasing a heating pad today, in order to keep him extra warm at night.

I just want to make sure I'm doing everything correct. I hate to say it but I can't afford a large vet bill, knowing he needs t oget neutered soon as well. Mt adult cat is not sick, so I wouldn't see it as contagous. Can someone just give me some insite on what could be wrong, or just ensure me that the little guy will get better with care and time.

Thanks in advance
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Right now it is more important that Zipper gets to see a vet. Treating him with an antibiotic without a diagnosis of an infection can be dangerous. If it isn't an infection, but a viral infection - which most URI are - then an antibiotic does no good.

He is still a kitten and is very susceptible to serious illnesses such as distemper. The sooner he is seen by a vet, the more likely he is to get the appropriate treatment and recover. It won't help you to have the money to get him neutered if he is too sick to be neutered. Your vet will be willing to work with you to make payments.

Please see if you can get him into the vet today - he needs to have immediate attention. If it is distemper, it can be life-threatening. If you can afford to buy a heating pad, you would be well advised to put that money towards a vet appointment, instead.

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