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Kitten hates litter tray

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A week ago I got a British shorthair kitten, but try as I might I cannot get him to use the litter tray. When he's put in there he scrambles to get out and appears to hate the feel of the litter under foot. I've tried a different type of litter and still the same.
If I put newspaper on top of the litter he's quite happy to stand in the litter tray, but only once has done his business.

Apart from numerous accidents behind the sofa and the TV !!!! he's taken to like to squat over the plug hole in the bath and do both 1's and 2's.

At present we are dealing with newspaper over the plug hole and cleaning up the mess in the hope of weening him onto the litter tray in the same spot, and then elsewhere.

We got a devon rex yesterday and he's straight into the litter tray with no problems !!!

Please anyone any advise on how to get the 1st kitten to use the tray.
I have two, one with high sides and one with low sides, but it just seems to be the feel he hates.
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There is a litter on the market called CatAttract. Its made to attract the cat to the litter to do what he needs to. That might help.

Another thing you can do is put litter boxes where he is having most of his accidents. Since you're already putting paper over the bath plug, try sprinkling it with a little litter.

Maybe, just hopefully, your second kitten will teach him how to do it!
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unfortunately we don't have cat attract litter here in uk it seems....

i have read that using a bath could be the sign of health issues, but kitty pee's and poo's as expected, and apart from the odd sneeze is active and appears healthy
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Have you tried paper litter, or just using shredded newspaper in the tray? Or potting soil?
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not yet , but I'll def give suggestions a try - thanks
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just bought fullers eath litter and a very small low sided tray and he now stands in the tray, hasn't used it yet, but now wants to eat it
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Any luck? Some cats are extremely picky about their litter. You could also try setting up a few litter trays in quiet places, and let the kitten choose his "favorite location".
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well after putting litter tray in bath and blocking access to the plug hole we've now had a whole day of success
he still hates the other tray but this is a huge relief, dunno if it's the smaller tray or litter, but we're gonna leave things as they are for some more days before trying the bigger tray, and if that works, progress to the floor as opposed to the bath....

who'd have thought a kitty pooing in a litter tray could be such a wonderful thing lol
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If you continue to have problems with inappropriate urination, you may want to take him in and have him checked. My Willow has a stubborn UTI that I finally recognized a few weeks ago. She would only occasionally pee outside of her box, and she had no other signs of illness. Hopefully, your kitty will just keeping using the litterbox, though, and it won't be an issue.
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Some of my rescue kittens took to using their litterboxes like ducks to water, others took a lot longer...
As your cats are kittens and into everything, I'd stay away from using clumping clay litter...it can get matted up on their paws, especially as they play in their water bowls, then stand in the clumping litter...if they try and groom it off their paws, they can ingest the clumping litter and get internal problems with it...can get intestinal impactions, etc.
I've had great success with pelleted or chipped wood or wheat-based litter...there's and excellent one called Woody Pet... see www.woodypet.com don't know if it's available in the U.K.
Some of my more difficult students really catch on if you leave them temporarily crated, use a nice-sized dog crate, I like the Pet Porters, plastic with steel wire doors on the front. They've less gaps for kitten paws to get caught up in than all wire dog crates have.
Put one of those absorbent "hospital" pads in the bottom of the crate, to help contain accidents...use a tissue and place any misplaced waste inside the litterbox for the kitty to understand what it's to be used for...
One pair of feral kittens took two weeks to understand what a litterbox was for!!!! I was handling them minimally as they were so frightened...have found it's best to let them come to me, not push myself/handling on them...
They both faithfully use their jumbo litterpans in the house now...Rumble and Pixie Sticks are aces at it!!!
Best Wishes with your kitties...I know they'll get the litterbox thing...don't despair!!!!
Ellen and the Herd
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Many Thanks to all who responded, I'm happy to report total success for over a month now )
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Another thing you might consider is teaching the cat to use the toilet. I know it sounds weird but cats can do it. There are a few sites on the computer that can help you teach them. I have personally trained my cats to use the bathroom outside but I also live on a farm. I had one cat that absolutely refused to set paw in a litterbox no matter the change in litter, box, or anything else I tried. She was my first indoor/outdoor kitty.
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