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Today is the day

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That I go to my pain management clinic. Wish me luck that all goes well. I am very nervous that the doctor will be like the rest and think this is all in my head like so many has done before in the past. I am armed and ready with all kinds of records.

Picture ID
Medical history including Surgries and dates
Allergy to medications
Current medications list
x-ray reports and biopsy reports
Daily log of pain and levels of pain

Can anyone think of anything else I may need to take with me? If anyone can think of anything please let me know.

Also if you can find it in your heart please send good vibes for my Mother-in-law as she is having surgery today and I can't be there because of this appointment. I did talk to her last night and she told me that she wouldn't want me to not go to this appointment or change it as being in pain all the time is no way to live. She is such a wonderful person So please send her all the good vibes you can.
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Your big day has finally arrived! You are definately in my prayers today, as is your Mother-in-Law. You will both be in my thoughts all day, please let us know about your appt as soon as you get home!
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I hope it goes well for you! It is horrible living with pain! I think you have all you need to take - it is best to be prepared!

Sending good }}}VIBES{{{ to you and your Mother-in-Law. You will both be in my thoughts today!
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Cathi you'll both be in my thoughts today!

I can't think of anything else apart from when i had an ache now and again on my right side and my doctor never said i was imagining it but thought it was nothing to worry about?!.

In the end i said i know my own body and i know theres something wrong!!, so i told him i wanted to be seen by a specialist.

Turned out i had a follicle cyst on my right ovary!!. It was nothing to worry about but theres no one knows their own body better than yourself!!.
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I'm sending *Good Vibes* for you and your Mother-in-law, I hope all goes well today.
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for you both!!
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Cathi, I hope you sail right through it and feel so much better. You will do well!
Sending big vibes and hugs your way today.
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How about prior medication?? Does your journal include time of day for pain? Worse in am or pm??
Good lucj with your appointment and your MIL's surgery.
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I will keep you both in my prayers! I hope this new doctor can help with the pain!
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Mega vibes and prayers for both of you, Cathi

I hope you find some answers, or at least a way forward and that your mother in law's surgery goes well.
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Good luck to you both!
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I've just now seen this thread...sending good vibes to both of you.
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I can't think of anything else you need to take, but I'm happy to pray for you and your MIL.
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Good Luck to you both.
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Hi All thank you for all the prayers for me and my MIL. She came through the surgery beautifully and is resting comfortably right now. I just got home a little while ago from my pain management appointment. Whew am I tired....

I am very pleased to say that this appointment went very well and the staff and doctors couldn't be nicer, actually they are the nicest ones I have seen in the past 9 years I will be starting a new drug that is actually given to people that has nerve damage and/or problems with nerve endings due to diabeties. Go fiqure that one

He told me that since Interstitial Cystits is a nasty diease and it deals with the nerves in the bladder and that all of them are inflammed and raw this medication should make those nerves stop sending all the pain signals to the brain and spine. I will be taking it for a trial of one month and if that doesn't work then we will move on to something else.

This drug called Cymbalta is realitively new and has just been approved by the FDA as safe for treatment on nerves. Hey me I don't care as long as it works. So anywho that is where I stand right now. I hope and pray that I can find some relief from this demon that lives in my bladder
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I'm thankful your appt. went so well, Cathi, and that you had such a great feeling about these Drs.! I pray this new medication will finally bring you much needed relief from this pain that has been consuming you for so long!
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So pleased it went well Cathi!

And heres to the new medication finally giving you some relief
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Good to hear your MIL's surgery was a success and best of luck with this new drug Cathi!
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Good news all around. Best wishes for your MIL's quick recovery from surgery and for you that this new medication "does the trick" and that you get total relief from your pain,hugs.
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Originally Posted by carolcat
Good news all around. Best wishes for your MIL's quick recovery from surgery and for you that this new medication "does the trick" and that you get total relief from your pain,hugs.
You took the words out of my mouth!
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