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Funny boy

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Yesterday I mentioned that my new man Max is right into cats and has two of his own - one of whom, Princess, is ridiculously jealous of me and shows it every time I'm around quite clearly! The unfortunate thing, as I said, is that my cats absolutely LOVE him and are clearly ungrateful, disloyal little wretches that deserve significant time out

The following anecdote proves my point. The other day we were in bed on a Saturday morning mucking around with Scratchy. He picked her up under her front two legs and held her so she was kind of standing on her back legs. Immediately I went to protest, knowing that cats are NOT into this kind of thing. He then kind of let her slump and started saying `Look! It's a little Russian Bear!'. Despite myself I collapsed into hysterics because she really did look like nothing so much as a miniature little grey bear on my bed.

Now, I am not a person who condones this kind of behaviour towards animals - I think it's unnecessary (even if it doesn't `hurt' them) and I was thinking, `Well, I'm going to have to deliver a little lecture about how we treat animals' when he stopped doing it and Scratchy jumped on his head purring and rubbing and head butting. She NEVER does this. She is NOT affectionate. But she would not leave him alone! Finally he picked her up again and did the same thing...and lo and behold the strange little creature actually purred louder!

It is really unfair if I tried that she would have ripped me to shreds.

Who else had kitties that enjoy things that most other cats would hate? I've seen a couple of cats that love to be spanked and I must say, that is
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Molly and Tibby both love to sit like bears on my knee - they tend to roll that way and then I will hold them! Tibby likes to walk on his back legs too (with my help of course) I think it all depends on the cat really and the way they enjoy being handled! Maybe you should try it under Max's supervision and see if you are able to do it?!
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Well, I think it's because Max is a guy and Scratchy is a girl. All my ladies react so different when there's a man in the house AND he likes cats. They seem to sense it. I believe they're actually trying to impress the fellow.
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I would see Max in an entirely new light now. I always trust Sierra's judgement of people. She has always proven to be exactly correct.
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