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Sometimes brings up dried food?

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Just wondering if anyone experiences their cats/kittens occassionally bringing up dried food? I feed my kitten 'Advance Kitten" & 'Hills Science Kitten' food as recommended by my vet along with tinned wet food, raw beef or tinned tuna. I have plenty of water available. Sometimes I find a pool of digested dried food and even seen one of my kittens (Lulu) bringing up the bikkies. (Seems to be only Lulu).

This was a simular experience with my previous cat (God rest his soul) and as he was older the vet said it was fur balls causing this.

Any ideas appreciated.

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One of my cats used to bring up undigested food regularly. In her case it was caused by an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. Trial and error determined it to be any 'fish' based ingredient. Your kitten 'may' be having an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients.

Other possibilities include eating too fast or hair balls, or perhaps having problem digesting one of the other ingredients in the food. Sometimes the corn component on the food is too harsh for sensitive digestive systems. Read the ingredients on the package and see if you have corn listed as first or second ingredient. If it is, then I would change to a food that has a meat base first and then uses rice instead of corn as the carbohydrate compound.

Good luck,
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My older female cat does this. She brings up dry food thats pretty much still whole, just soggy. I noticed that she does it if I dont get up in the morning and give her her teaspoon of pouch food. I think she gorges herself on the hard food, and makes herself sick. Mine wasn't health issues. Maybe you should contact your vet and tell them whats going on. He might be able to direct you on whats causing it.
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Cats are notorious gulpers. You can break up their kibble before you feed it to them. I put it in a plastic bag and hit it with a hammer. Or you can elevate their food bowl to stop them from gulping. Be sure the water is not right next to the food, but some distance away, so they have to leave their food bowl to drink.
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Thanks guys for your advice! I will try a few suggestions and keep you in the loop...Thanks

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Buddy also has this problem, we are switching him to a sensitive tummy formula of dry. But I have also seen him spew after to much wet (I assume to much) food also. It's rather annoying as he never picks a good place like the kitchen floor.. and instead usually comes over to me first in a carpeted room.

We dewormed him twice. We tried to elevate his food off the floor however that proved not to work well as he tips his bowl. We use free feeding so he will not feel the need to gorge hopefully. We do give him half a can of Fancy Feast in the morning and half a can for dinner, usually that stays down.

Sometimes I think he just jumps around to much too and things bump around and then up they come.. maybe if he would just settle down after eating he would be better. Well best of luck with your spewer, hopefully mine will adjust to the food switching over here as well.
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