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Pregnant or not?

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I am new here and have posted in the new cats area, but I have a question for the breeders. This new cat that I adopted from an individual, I suspect that she may be pregnant, but I do not know for sure. I have read about pink nipples and such. and hers are just slightly baby pink colored, so does this mean that she is? she is a little on the plump side but not too overly plump at this time. she is about 8 months old to 1 year. I hope that you all can assist me in this determination. she is just the sweetest cat, and seems to have bonded with me from the minute i brought her home.
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The best way would be to have her vet checked. That way the vet can determine if she is, and give you an approximate time of arrival. Plus she should go to the vet anyway just as a matter of routine.
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Thanks had been planning to do that. But just curious.
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Being "plump" is not a sure way to determine a cat is pregnant...we've had cats at our rescue we thought were pregnant because they were plump...but they weren't. I second what Hissy says...please take her to the vet.

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Please let us know what happens after the vet visit. Good luck!
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it's just a very tuff call!! i had a rescue that two separate vets diagnosed as pregnant, and it wasn't until she was finally spayed after too long of not giving birth that they determined she was not in fact pregnant. they explained even they can misdiagnose feeling other stuff inside, like fecal matter or ovarian cysts. she may have never been pregnant, just gained weight, or maybe she had had an infection they thought, but she had never had any other signs of infection (elevated temp--there is such a thing as pyometra, very serious but she did not have that they said). or maybe she had reabsorbed it. so it can be very mysterious, good luck!
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by the way, your tina looks like a lightfaced tiger spotted? sister to my darker faced classic swirl....check my signature.
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Well, what did the vet say? Is she pregnant?
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