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Got my new Furbaby!!!

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I did it! I got the little white kitten from the feed store...for FREE!! She has been dewormed, had flea medication and her ears cleaned all for free by the vet who felt bad for the little critters (His office is next door to the Feed Store). The kitten is a little girl, all white with two dark grey spots on her head and half of her tail is also dark grey. We named her Gypsum, after the white mineral. What a darling she is! :angel4: Her and Missy have hit it off famously .. they are the same age, 8 weeks Loco and Onyx are still unsure what to think, Loco seems a little hurt that Missy isn't hanging off of him all the time now. We've been giving him extra snuggles to let him know hes still our special boy I can tell I'm going to find sleep difficult tonight with all the pitter pattering of tiny furry feet going on...and truth be known, I couldn't be happier
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That's wonderful! Good luck with your new baby!!
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Yey!!! thats great!! Ooooo got any pictures yet? (I need a daily kitten fix ya see! hee hee) She sounds sooo cute.... I WANT ONE!!!!
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This is great news! Congratulations
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No pictures yet, I need to get batteries for my digital camera today, hopefully I can get some tonight and post them on my Ofoto page, I'll post the link to it here. For some reason my camera takes pictures with a really big file size and I can't post them here Maybe Hubby can fiddle with it a bit and change the settings
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Congrats on the new addition. Be prepared for a little hissing from the older cats for a day or 2. The next thing you know, one of the older cats will take her under their wing. The kitten will be groomed galore by her new surragote "mommy" or "daddy".
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AWWW How cute! I also want one! That is it! I am going to the shelter to be near the cats.
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Awwwww Missy how wonderful for you, your hubby and for Gypsum!!

Nena...I'm hoping you'll find a baby real soon honey!

Love & Peace,
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