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Some advice?

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For some time, now, I have been very interested in cat rescue and care. I have always wanted to do something more than just have cats as companions but do not want to be a breeder as I think that I would not have the resources to do so well, and also because there are plenty of cats out there already!! (no offence to any breeders here... ).

I have thought about volunteering at the local Cat Haven but I would really like to try and look after cats more than just a few hours a week.

I wonder if anyone has any advice on where I could start or how to get into this kind of thing? I have read many posts on people finding and looking after strays and so on...I honestly don't think I have seen a stray cat around my parts in about 15 years. They just don't seem to be there (which is a great thing, of course). I will contact the local Cat Haven for some advice, too, but you guys are all such full bottles I thought you could offer me some advice as well. Perhaps volunteering there once a week might be a good start?
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Hey Sarah...Have you talked to Kumbulu?? She would probably know of ways you can get involved. I know she works with orphaned kittens...that requires a lot of time because the kittens require multiple feedings.

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If you are close to Willetton, I bet Tania would welcome the extra pair of hands. Especially now, I understand she is swamped with kitties.
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Wow, thanks. I'm not close to Willetton, but that doesn't matter. I'm moving in a couple of months anyway and everything in Perth is no more than 40 minutes away from everything else!! I will pm her and ask. Thanks again.
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