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Shakey Front Legs

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I just typed a huged long message and was booted out (argh), so I'll keep this short in case it happens again!

I have a kitty whom I adopted by default as his owners were neglectful (in my eyes!). He was one of 8 kittens, when I convinced the owner to find homes for the kittens and in return, I had the mommy spayed. So, she found homes, but one was returned. It turns out, he had a hernia, so I took him to the vet, had the hernia removed and also had him fixed. After returning him back to his owners, they called me twice - 1) his tail had been hurt (possibly shut in a door?) and 2) dragging his hind leg (the vet said it looked like bite marks - maybe a possum or other cat?). Needless to say, after that I kept the cat (with the owner's permission, of course). Since I already had 4 of my own, my husband agreed, but also said I would need to try to find a good home.

So, we kept him and slowly fell in love (of course) and after 3 months of confinement, was tested and with a clean bill of health, integrated with the other kitties. Unfortunately, he didn't (still doesn't) get along with 2 of them, which is just aweful. So, he's back in confinement (any suggestions with this? That would be great too!).

So, we took him in about 9 months ago, and about 5 months ago I happened to notice that when he sit upright, his 2 front legs are actually shaking. It's really strange. I know I should have taken him to the vet, but he is very healthy in every other way, and just didn't want to run him throught the gammet of needs and x-rays. So, I will most likely take him in the next week, because it is starting to worry me quite a bit. If you have any suggestions as to what this might be, I would appreciate some feedback/insight before going to the kitty doctor.

bren (meow!)
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Hi Bren -

Sounds like this poor little guy has already been thru the ringer. I'm glad he's found a home with you.

Sorry I don't have any experience with the cause of the shakey legs your kittens has, so I'm only guessing when I say that it's a possibility it could be neurological. You're doing the best thing by taking him to the vet for a diagnosis, the sooner the better since this has been going on awhile.

Hopefully, it will be something that can be treated and/or lived with easily enough. My friend has a kitty with a "shakey" head and she is doing great. Once you get to the bottom of this, you can tackle integrating him with the other kitties.

Please post back and let us know how he's doing.
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