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I was asked by a member to post this. "Please tell the list for me. Today, at 3:15 p.m. Emily passed quietly into the Summerlands. We noticed that she was struggling, so went to school and brought Lisa home. Em died the way she's done everything else in her life - her own way, in her 'mommy's' arms. She left the three of us and Rusty feeling incredibly bereft. But we know she had to go. She was weak, not eating much, obviously preparing herself these last few days. I had meant to sit Lisa down to plan for the end today after school. Em must have figured it out, and come up with her own solution. Little monkey!

Thanks for all your prayers and support in this miserable time.

Carolle first joined the list in Sept . Her thread "Newbie With A Problem" was asking help for her cat who was diagnosed with FIP. I know everyone will say a special prayer for her.
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I am so very sorry for Em's passing. My thoughts are with you all.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Em. Please accept my condolences.

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I am so sorry about the loss of Emily.
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I am sorry I did not see this sooner. My sympathy and prayers to Carolle and her family on the passing of Emily, a truly wonderful and loved cat. She is missed, but in a better place and still doing things "her own special way" and telling all her new friends on the other side of the bridge how much she was LOVED and how much she LOVED her Human Family.
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