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I get to go to Hawaii ... its my parents 30th anniversary in June, and they have invited me to for 4 days! Ive always wanted to go!
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Awesome! Have fun, and remember your sunscreen!
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Yay! What island are you going to?
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How kind of your parents to think of you on their special trip! Have a great time.
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Gosh, would they like to adopt me too? That's always been a dream of mine to go to Hawaii and I'm glad for you that you get to live my dream. Have a wonderful time and post pictures for us to see when you get back!
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TIGGER! I am so jealous. Which island? I have been to Kauai 3 times and know it fairly well but do they need a chaperone for such a romantic trip??
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Lucky youl!!
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Maui huh? I must warn you, Maui is the most expensive island to vacation at. The prices there are 3-5x as much as the other islands. However, it is the most beautiful island!
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You'll have a wonderful time for sure!
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