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Well, The Old Granny Cat Had Her Kittens Today

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Hello everyone,

We the old granny cat from my pack of twelve had her kittens this evening.
I told my husband that it seemed strange to me today that she tried to beat me in the house one time. This mamma never really hanged around me, unless it was meal time. But its like she KNEW that today was the day. My husband tells me that yes, it is instintive..well im just a city gal and this is all really eye opening to me.

I noticed this afternoon that my brother in laws new puppy had dragged off the box that was sitting on the porch of our trailer next door. I was mad at him because the cats always like sitting in that box (its and old fex ex box that my mom sent to me from Md). Anyway, it was raining and I noticed the granny cat sitting under the chair where the box normally was. I felt sorry for her and so I took another small box out. She jumped in it immediately and it surprised me. Like I said she doesnt usually hang around me or anyone else for that matter.

Well I just sat it there although it was small because I had some errands to run, but before I left I saw her in there moving around and low and behold there was already two kittens out...this was all so exciting to me, although the Lord knows I am over my head here with cats and kittens as it is.

I decided to let her go about her business and went into town for about an hour, looking around on my way home for a bigger, discarded box to no avail. When i got home she was really having a time of it in that box. So I went in my computer room, dumped out my old printer, cut off the top of the box and took it out to her. I was so surprised as she actually let me pick her up (she still had a kitten attached)...I did have one latex gloves by the way. She seemed to welcome the new box and she settled right in contiinuing to finish delivering her babies. I think they will be okay out there tonight as I took the old chair and made like a little roof over the box, put some cardboard over the back and threw a couple of rugs over the chair too. I put another chair in front so that she would have privacy and yet could get out if she wanted.

At dusk I took her out a bowl of milk and she seemed very grateful....I suppose these cats must have a sixth sense about the human beings that are around them, who has a special place in their heart for them and who doesnt. It just made me feel so special today that this old granny cat placed her trust in me.

Thanks for letting me share...Although I know not now what Im going to do with another 3 kittens. Please keep me in your prayers for the Lord to send someone my way to help.

(formerly CryBaby's Mommy)
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Friend4Life...here is what I suggested for someone else who was concerned about how to spay their mother cat. When the kittens are ready to be adopted out...ask for people to contribute to the "spay the momma" fund. Please keep her indoors as she will get pregnant again very soon if she gets out.

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I would also suggest you get her spayed. Especially if she is a "granny" cat you would be doing her a great service to get her spayed.
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I found this list online... someone might be able to help you close by.

Holly Help Memorial Spay Fund
Bristol VA / Bristol TN
Everyone is eligible for low cost s-n assistance, which is funded by the public through recycled aluminum cans.
People United for Animals PUFA
PO Box 1082
Bristol TN 37621
Lost cost s-n assistance in Bristol VA/TN

Humane Society of Greater Sullivan County
Kingsport TN

Northeast Tennessee Animal League
Blountville TN

McMinn Regional Humane Society
PO Box 7
Athens TN 37371

The Spay Station
Humane Association of Wilson County
Lebanon TN

Beesley Animal Humane Foundation Spay/Neuter Clinic
1140 Haley Road
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Nashville Humane Association
112 Harding Place
Nashville, TN 37205
Call to learn about their low cost spay/neuter program, in partnership with Friends of Animals and with the Davidson County veterinary association.

Ken-Tenn Humane Society
PO Box 1526 Fulton KY 42041
Area code 731
Email: lkiplingNOSPAM@utm.edu Remove the nospam to send email
For residents of northwest Tennessee and southwest Kentucky (Obion and Weakley Counties in Tennessee and Fulton County in Kentucky), low cost s/n for pet cats and feral cats. Also, they offer advice on how to maintain feral cat colonies.

Alcoa TN

Fix-A-Pet clinic
Seymour TN

Animal Foundation of East Tennessee
1637 Downtown West Blvd, Suite 16
Knoxville, TN 37919
Low cost s/n for everyone, and free for some clients who are low income.

People Promoting Animal Welfare (PPAW)
Greenback TN

Animal Protection Association
PO Box 11471
Memphis, TN 38111
Low cost s/n for pets and ferals.

Hardin County Adopt-A-Cat
8325 Highway 128 South
Savannah, TN 38372
adoptacat@freeyellow.com email
Low cost spay/neuter for pets of county residents.

Hardin County Humane Society
PO Box 874
Savannah, TN 38326
Low cost spay/neuter for pets.

Germantown TN
Memphis area.

Spay/Neuter Assistance Program
Humphreys County Humane Society, TN
Provides some assistance for s/n of pets of low income people.

Humane Society of Putnam County
Cookeville TN

Cookeville/Putnam County Animal Shelter
Cookeville TN

Prevent Unwanted Pets
Cookeville TN
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Where in TN do you live??If you do not feel comfortable posting publicly please PM me.
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Originally Posted by hissy
I would also suggest you get her spayed. Especially if she is a "granny" cat you would be doing her a great service to get her spayed.
Well, thanks for the suggestion, but actually I have been posting on her sometime now concerning my need to find spaying for the cats on my property.
I have been receiving a lot of feedback concerning websites of shelters, etc. Because I am unemployed and my husband only means is social security, funds are more than limited, especially with trying to care for these guys.

A lot of the places referred to me were many hours drive away. The no kill shelters I have called all say they are at capacity and not accepting any more animals. I mentioned to Jackson Madison Humane Society that I heard (from another place---West Tennessee Animal Rescue) that there is a group in Nashville that will come out and do the TNR thing, the person from the JMHS almost laughed out loud on the phone and said she knew of no such group.
Instead she told me that the Jackson Sun will allow you to run a free add to find homes.

West Tennessee Animal Rescue said that they only take tame cats and they too were at their limit.

Ive called, Ive emailed various places to no avail. I honestly dont know why all those websites continue to make you think they can help you when they cant. I quess you can feel my frustration here.

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Sorry, its taken me so long to get back but family issues arose as they sometimes do. Heres the photos of the four kittens that were rescued, if youve been following my posts. I heard from one of the women at the vet clinic that one was adopted immediately and Im certain the others will find good homes too!
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I'm sorry you are hitting such a block wall. Sadly most animal rescue groups have their hands full and can't help out as much as they really want to. Is there by a chance a mobile spay and neuter clinic in your area? You have to normally get on a waiting list but they generally can get fairly close to where you live and they work on donations only?
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Cute babies, I hope someone can help you out!
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I think it's wonderful that you want to help out the little cats.

It would be good for little granny cat if you could feed her kitten chow. Milk isn't really good for adult cats. The kitten chow will help her replace the nutrients that she's lost growing the kittens and making milk for them.

Where are the other kittens from? The ones at the vet clinic? Is the vet clinic where you've been getting most of your help and advice?

I know how hard it can be to get financial help. When I moved to this address I discovered a growing colony of cats in the garden and I'm on SS Disability myself. Eventually, through, emailing and research for help on the internet, I found more than enough help. It took almost a year though and I ended up spending a lot of my own money. Keep searching there's usually a lot of help, it just takes time to find it.

I really admire for wanting to help these little cats. You're doing good.
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I put those posts on here a few months ago and simply thought (since this was the thread referring to my old granny cat having her kittens) that this was the best place to post the pics of the kittens.

All the females on the property are now spayed thanks to the help of a caring stranger from the next county. The granny cat has found a home with this woman as an office cat and she also took the kittens and promised that they would find a good home once they were weaned. All is well here, except for a problem with my Toms fighting which I will post elsewhere.

Thank you for your care and concern.
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