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flea medicine/dewormer

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Hi, I have a problem.. I have 2 cats, 1 dog.. and I'm getting a new dog at the end of this month.. my problem is that my cats keep worms.. I've given them dewormer... and they still have it.. I think the problem lies in fleas and transferring them back and forth. Does anyone know a cheap place to buy good dewormer and flea medicine that work.. I usually buy mine from the vet.. but the prices are overwhelming.. 50.00 for flea medicine and I really can't afford to pay 200.00 for it. Plus the cost of good dewormer. And does anyone have any suggestions about how to keep them gone? I have to take my dog out all the time so he keeps fleas.. and how often should I clean the litterboxes after giving them dewormer so they dont step on the worms and get them again? Any other tips?
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There's a pill that kills fleas within 24 hours that you can get from your vet. Maybe you could give your cats the pill and give them flea treatments every other month. But, if your dog is bringing in fleas every day and no treatment is given, then there's not much you can do. Your cat won't get worms just from stepping on them, most of them come from the flea itself.
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What is the brand of flea meds that you get from the vet? Is it $50 for one month for one cat or is that all your cats total for a month? Or for the whole summer? I have never heard of flea meds being so much. The most expensive around here is like $10 for Revolution. That is for 1 month for 1 cat.
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Its 50.. for a 3 month supply for one cat.
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You should check out PetShed. They have a 6 month supply of Frontline Plus for $39.95. The meds are shipped from Australia, but I took my supply to the vet and he verified that they are NOT counterfeit. I also asked someone from Australia (from this board) and she verified they were legit too.
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Ugh. I had to check your header to see if you lived in Florida. It is a battle here, too.
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Do you use flea treatment on your dog? I advise continuing to use the vet supplied flea treatments. I used a Hartz brand that I got at a pets store, and my poor cats had a terrible reaction to it, and the emergency vet said that if the muscle tremors continued, they would have to have an injection, and that in itself was expensive. There are websites where you can order your flea meds and get them at a discounted price. I use the advantage and its 40$ for 3 tubes of 1 month treatments. Revolution is just as much.
When it comes to the worms, are they roundworms or tapeworms? Tapeworms dont respond to regular dewormer. I recently adopted a cat that had tapeworms, and I didnt know it until I found segments on her blanket and took them to the vet. Tapeworms arent seen in the litterbox, and are very rarely seen on the cat. They are treated either by a pill or an injection, but a follow up injection is needed.
Maybe the fleas are actually in your house now. Maybe you should look into "de-fleaing" your carpets and things. A safe and effective way is to get like a roaster pan, and fill it with warm soapy dishwater and set in on a chair. Take a drop light with a high watt bulb and hang it directly over the pan. Turn off every light in the house except that one. The fleas will try to jump to the light and end up in the water where they can't survive.
I was skeptical at first, but I live in a wooded area, and fleas are just a fact of life. And I dont trust the "flea bombs". It worked, and I keep the advantage on my cats and Hartz on my dog. I havent had a problem since.
Good Luck. Let me know how things progress.
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