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Why do We Love Our Cats so much?

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I love cats. There are so few animals that can match the cat's beauty, power, and grace. Nobody can own a cat. It is the cat who really chooses his pet. With his coat of many colors, shapes, and patterns. His yellow eyes gleem in the night, searching for that mouse. What's that he hears in the dark? A squeak! He can smell it. And he can hear it! He spots it hiding in the grass. The cat gets ready. Slowly, he stalks the mouse. When he nears it, he freezes. Not a single muscle moves. All except for the tail. Suddenly, he pounces! Success. The cat is the king of the pet world. He does whatever he pleases. He listens to no one. He can sleep where ever he wants. Unlike dogs, who are governed by the human, the cat will govern only himself. Only those lucky humans will be lucky enough to win a cat's love and affection. And when a cat finds love in you, he is all yours. Whether to warm you during cold nights, to cuddle with you when you are blue, when the cat finds his home with you, its until death do him part. The cat can be a clown, a friend, a therapist, child, and playmate. Any other thoughts?
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Cats feed the human spirit. We want to be like them. We want to be free to roam, yet still be able to come home and cuddle with the one we love. We want to be independant, yet have someone we can turn to.
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Cats are wonderful confidants..i can tell mine anything and they are non-judgemental with me. I love them because they demand that I do!
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They are nonjudgemental
They give complete trust and unconditional love
You can tell a cat anything
A cat doesn't care if you are having a bad day
Cats don't care about how much money you have
Cats don't care about how many things you own
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I love cats for several reasons.
1 A cats love is unconditional
2 They never judge you, they listen and talk
3 They sense your mood
4 They are the most loyal friends you can have.
5 They understand personal space and they make a house
into a home
6 They love with out losing the essence of who they are.
7 They share(even if it is the kill of the day AKA mouse)
8 They have a mind of their own
9 They Purr and purrr and purrrrrrrrr
10 Because they are who they are and I love
them for it and they come in a really cute
fluffy package

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LadyHawk - I just love your #5!
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they don't care if you gain 50lbs or have a bad hairday - everything they give is unconditional - No agends - they are what they are nothing less nothing more. I can't see spending another moment without a furball.
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A cat has a mystery about him. He can survive in the wild but much rather be with a human companion.
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A cat can never be control except by food. You call and call andd call and he never comes until he sees or hears the opening of a can of cat food. Then he is at your feet.
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Originally posted by debra myers
LadyHawk - I just love your #5!
It is so true though

Thinking about using it as a support banner for my site, thanks for the idea.

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Why do we love our cats so much??

Well for one thing, their love is unconditional. They don't leave their dirty clothes NEAR the hamper instead of in it, the don't leave the toilet seat up, they are not abusive, they'll keep you company while you're watching television no matter what you're watching, they don't ask for money, the keys to the car, they aren't disrespectful, they don't hog the telephone or the computer.

And mostly, all they want is to be fed, cared for and above all, loved.

I hope I haven't left anything out.

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I think cats are superior beings.
My 3 kitties make me laugh all the time.
They want to stay always in the same room where I am in. When I take a nap I have little Lucia on my chest and the big ones curled up between my arms and body.
When I come back home from a hard day at work they come to greet me yawning and stretching, then they want to be picked up one after another (in the right hierarchical order).
When I eat my lunch alone on the balcony Lucia and Violetta always come to see what I am eating that day. Then Violetta often sneezes in my soup so I have to throw it away.
Francis always call me when she's in the mood to play hide-and-seek. I come and she hides behind the books on the shelf, and we do all kind of silly gestures trying to catch each other's paw (ehm, hand).
They are all convinced they are fierce wild beasts, wanting to sleep around on the cold floor instead that in their soft warm beds, so they keep catching something and I must go see the vet every week.

I have had them just for 2 months now, and I already want MORE! In spite of the vet bills.

I can see you feel the same!
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