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My cats ears smell real bad

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My cat loves to cuddle with my husband and I on the couch and I love it when she does but her ears are getting to be too much for us to handle. They smell real bad, we've tried washing them a few different ways but have only had limited success. Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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I'm not sure what the smell could be, someone will come along soon to help out more..
Have you taken her to the vet? That would probably be the best thing to do as they can figure out what the problem is and give her ears a "professional" cleaning
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My Mom's cat Savanah had smelly ears. Turns out she had ear mites. Her ears had to be cleaned once a day with an ear rinse/solution for a few weeks. I'm not sure what the name is, but it's a blue and white bottle. Also, if your cat has long hairs in her ear, the wax build-up could be another cause for the odor you smell.
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She needs to have a vet check her ears, do a swab and if not ear mites, then culture the stuff to see if it's yeast, cocci or what. Then they can prescribe the appropriate medication to clear things up.
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Definately have your vet check for earmites and possibly an ear infection. I know in dogs that if their ears get real stinky it's more than likely an infection.
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