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I'm new here

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I was doing a search to find a site to help with a problem I had with 1 of my "babies". I found this site & posted something on the behaviour forum. I decided to look around the site & i love it. It is nice to be in touch with other cat lovers who understand the joys & sometimes pains of living in a feline controlled household. I am owned by 5 cats. 2 girls and 3 boys. Pepperpot & Suagarly are both just over 5 yrs - I got them at a pet store. Excalibur is 4, also a pet store cat - I saw him and Cupid hit me with a machine gun! Merlin I got from a place called Hobocat the rescues cats from the wild. Merlin is the kitten of one of the rescued cats, he is 3. My youngest is Striker (agent gweeky is his code name) He is approximately 9 months old. We got him as a 2 month old from our local vet's office. They adopt out cats for the local animal shelter. My husband says there is no more room in our bed for anymore cats. i told him that he better not let me go into any more pet store, animal shelters or the vet's or the 5 may change to 6. It's an addiction! Look forward to reading more on the site.
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Welcome adymarie!

Judging by your addiction to furballs, you're gonna love it here!

I started with 2, which soon became 1, which soon became 2 again, then 1 blessed me with 4 more, and I am now at 5! :LOL:
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WELCOME to TCS FAMILY! :blubturq: We love new members and I know you will "fit right in" as you are already crazy enough to give your cats "code names". Tell your husband; I started out with 1 cat over 35yrs ago and I have 8 at the present time. (the most I have ever had being, if I remember correctly, 23 !)
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Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:daisy: :rainbow: :blubturq: :flower: :flash: :icecream:
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Welcome on board - you will find everyone is wonderful here.
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Welcome to you!!!!!!!!! Oh no....another Merlin on the catsite!!! :LOL: I have a cat named Merlin also!! (my baby...*sigh*...although he is a year old now... )
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Merlin is also known as the evil one!
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Gosh dang, they must be related....:LOL:
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Welcome to the purrrfect place
you and your 5 babies will love it here.
Tish + 4 Mishka, Monty, Moofey and Roxane
:daisy: :daisy: :flower:
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Welcome!! Welcome!! It's so wonderful to have you here!!
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Hi there Adymarie Looking forward to seeing your posts here! You sound like a true fur addict! :laughing2

Love & Peace,
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Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I look forward to the many discussions.
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