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Cat Introduction

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I am a first time cat owner. My little guy is a neutered male about 9 months old that came from a local shelter. He has been with me for 3 months and is perfect in every way.

I have been considering getting him a playmate. I have found one that I like but I am concerned about the "horror" stories I read about cat introduction. My current cat is very outgoing and rules the roost. The possible second cat seems to be very loving but a little shy.

The person I am dealing with at the shelter has suggested that I bring my cat for a visit. Is this a good idea?

Thank you for your thoughts.
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Hi, first of all, welcome to TCS!Congratulations on your new addition to your family!You may not want to bring your new little one into your home just for a visit as the introduction process should take place more slowly. I would recommend that you read this article and this thread . Please keep us updated how the introductions are going.
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Hi Friend, welcome to TCS!
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